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Improve Your Business Networking with Reliable Video Conferencing

Networking with clients is extremely crucial to the success of your business, no matter where they are located! It is important to be able to communicate quickly and efficiently, whether with a colleague right in your own conference room or a client across the country. Maintaining these relationships can be made easier through the use of video conferencing.

Video Conferencing helps to:

  1. image.phpReduce travel cost and time. Business trips can be quite costly not to mention the wasted time it takes to travel. Video conferencing helps to continue business networking while being cost and time efficient.

  2. Increase productivity & communication among your clients and colleagues. Video conferencing engages participants more than conference calls resulting in a better understanding of one another and the message you want to convey.

  3. Impress Clients. Being able to deliver streamlined presentations can be very impressive and valuable to clients.

As technology becomes more advanced it’s important to stay up-to-date on the systems you use for your business. The type of technology implemented in your office helps lay the foundation for how productive your business can be. Soundworks uses the most advanced technology and reliable high-speed wireless networking equipment to make your business more effective and efficient. 

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Time To Upgrade Your Outdoor Speaker System

Spring has sprung in Westchester County and it’s time to start thinking about upgrading your outdoor speaker system. Now that the snow has melted you can finally start taking advantage of your patio – whether you’re having friends over for a barbeque, throwing a party under the stars or just trying to relax in your own backyard. What better way to set the tone for any outdoor entertaining than with music!

Soundworks offers a wide variety of high quality outdoor speakers for you to get the best audio possible. Our innovative outdoor speaker systems can fill any size yard or estate with high-quality and even sound coverage. We offer wall mounted box speakers and even sub woofers to experience audio bliss.

Rather enjoy all the benefits of outdoor speakers without having to see them? No problem! Soundworks offers a variety of discreet landscape speakers that will blend into the scenery. We can custom install an array of rock speakers, planter speakers, or in-ground speakers to fit your preference. All outdoor speakers are high performance and our experts will ensure the sound travels wherever you want it. Plus, these systems have year-round durability and can withstand severe weather.


Let Soundworks help you enhance your family’s outdoor experience with an upgraded outdoor sound system. Contact us for more information or a consultation, 914-765-0461!


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