Soundwords - Save on Networking!  Promotion

Save on Networking! Promotion

Soundworks, Armonk in Westchester, New York, NY 10504
Save on Networking! Promotion

This fall, at Soundworks we’re offering a promotion to help our customers get solid, reliable network coverage throughout their homes.  Review options below, and give us a call at (914) 765-0461 to book your consultation now.  Call now and save 10% off the below packages!

A: Coverage Booster

  1. Free consultation
  2. Free Design and proposal
  3. Mesh network Access points (good for most home 4k-5k square feet)
  4. Installation & Config
  5. $1599 plus tax
  6. Buy now and save 10%

B: Top of the Line

everything from above, plus:
  1. Roaming capability ( meaning your device will alway connect to the closest – meaning fastest access to the internet)
  2. Rogue network Filtering
  3. Continuous, reliable, seamless connectivity
  4. BeamFlex adaptive antenna technology
  5. Gigabit Luxul Router
  6. (4) Ruckus Access Points
  7. 8 Port Switch with POE
  8. Installation & Config
  9. $4599 plus tax
  10. Buy now and save 10%
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