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Soundworks Gift Giving Guide for the 2016 Holiday Season

Stumped for holiday gift ideas this year? Don’t worry, we have you covered! This holiday season, Soundworks has a wide array of wonderful gifts for music lovers, gadget junkies, TV enthusiasts, and even that very special person on your list (who also happens to be impossible to shop for)! With our holiday gift guide you will be able to find something for everyone on your gift list.


Summer’s Hottest Home Technology Deals from Soundworks

Summer's Hottest Home Technology Deals from Soundworks in Westchester NYThis month marks the end of an era as the last ever VCR is manufactured and all your old VHS tapes officially become obsolete. Worry not, there’s good news: Soundworks is here with summer’s hottest deals in home technology to help you stay cool, connected and entertained to beat the heat and avoid the rain!


Be The Home Entertainment King For The 2016 Super Bowl

The 2015 Super Bowl hit a record high in viewers

This year, Soundworks can help you go above and beyond to make your home into the neighborhood hotspot for the 2016 Super Bowl – and the rest of the year! Soundworks offers a range of high-quality options for an optimal home entertainment viewing experience. Regardless of your space limitations, Soundworks will work with you to find customized solutions. We install and coordinate your audio systems to ensure an easy incorporation of cutting-edge audio technologies into your existing entertainment system. (more…)

Sonos: the Last Minute Christmas Gift You’ve Been Looking For

Still trying to figure out a last minute gift? Soundworks has the solution for everyone on your list! The Sonos PLAY wireless music systems are great for college dorms, home offices, outdoor entertaining and more with high quality sound controlled from an app. Plus, these great gifts from Sonos can easily be expanded, which means you can keep adding new components every year!

Sonos PLAY:1 – Two speakers powered by two dedicated digital amplifiers


The New Savant Remote: Sleek, Smart and Super Cool!

We all love our smart home gadgets, but it can be a pain managing all of them from different devices. Not anymore! Introducing the new Savant remote, the smartest (and coolest) clicker out there.


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The Soundworks Father’s Day Gift Giving Guide

Stumped for the perfect father’s day gift? Our Soundworks gift guide is your inspiration for audiophiles, movie lovers, early adopters, gadget collectors and sports fans! They say a man’s home is his castle, and we’re stepping outside the walls to bring some high quality technology for outdoor entertaining and solutions!

Sunbrite And Seura Outdoor TVs

sunbrite TV outdoor patio outdoor television westchester tri state

Get dad excited for yard work with an outdoor television! Sunbrite’s all weather HDTVs are designed for permanent outdoor installation, making them the perfect addition to your outdoor kitchen, patio, deck, or yard. Engineered to withstand harsh environmental elements, these hardy screens still look good in any outdoor space. Mow the lawn, skim the pool and dig up weeds without missing the big game, especially when paired with some bluetooth headphones!


The Seura Storm Ultra Bright weatherproof, outdoor television is ideal for your deck, patio, or even your hot tub! The triple lock seal design protects against contaminants to give a reliably sharp picture. There’s no need to worry about your screen being blacked out on those sunny days, Seura’s outdoor televisions are designed with LuminOptics so you can enjoy vivid image quality, even in direct sunlight. Either of these outdoor televisions are sure to be a big hit with dad.

Episode Garden Speakers

Westchester County Outdoor Speakers in ground outdoor solutions

Give dad the gift of music with Episode Landscape Satellite Speakers! These outdoor speakers can be mounted anywhere: in the ground, in a tree, the outside of your house or on the deck. These high performance speakers will deliver an even, rich sound to fill your entire backyard. Built to withstand tough weather, Episode speakers are guaranteed to have a long lifespan. Everything is better with good music; give dad the chance to sing-along all year round, whether putting up holiday decorations or grilling in the backyard! Earplugs for the rest of the family sold separately.

Planter Speakers

Soundworks Outdoor Solutions Planter Speakers

For a more aesthetically pleasing look, opt for one of these Planter Speakers. Each planter speaker comes with a removable plant and flower tray to hide the hardware without blocking any of the sound! Enjoy high quality music from these discrete planters that come in a variety of different styles to match dad’s taste.

outdoor flower pot speakers

Home Surveillance

westchester home security cameras with app to monitor

All dads worry (even if they won’t admit it!) and are more at ease when they know their family is safe. Soundworks can install surveillance cameras, inside or outside your home, to record high resolution footage around the clock. Monitor your home remotely in real-time or check back later to review recorded footage using high-speed playback. Featuring both fullscreen and grid-view, you can easily access your video remotely through a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone!

Outdoor Internet

Step up your gift giving game and update dad’s home with outdoor internet. Pakedge devices are designed to improve the range and speed of your wireless network, while also eliminating any interference. Their high power, high range wireless access points ensure that your devices will always connect with the best speeds possible. Now dad can stream from any of his devices right in his backyard.

Pakedge Outdoor Internet Westchester

Choose one of these gifts or bundle together outdoor internet, television and speakers to become dad’s favorite child… at least until the next holiday comes around. Interested in one of our gift ideas? Contact Soundworks today for more information, (914) 765-0461

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Time To Upgrade Your Outdoor Speaker System

Spring has sprung in Westchester County and it’s time to start thinking about upgrading your outdoor speaker system. Now that the snow has melted you can finally start taking advantage of your patio – whether you’re having friends over for a barbeque, throwing a party under the stars or just trying to relax in your own backyard. What better way to set the tone for any outdoor entertaining than with music!

Soundworks offers a wide variety of high quality outdoor speakers for you to get the best audio possible. Our innovative outdoor speaker systems can fill any size yard or estate with high-quality and even sound coverage. We offer wall mounted box speakers and even sub woofers to experience audio bliss.

Rather enjoy all the benefits of outdoor speakers without having to see them? No problem! Soundworks offers a variety of discreet landscape speakers that will blend into the scenery. We can custom install an array of rock speakers, planter speakers, or in-ground speakers to fit your preference. All outdoor speakers are high performance and our experts will ensure the sound travels wherever you want it. Plus, these systems have year-round durability and can withstand severe weather.


Let Soundworks help you enhance your family’s outdoor experience with an upgraded outdoor sound system. Contact us for more information or a consultation, 914-765-0461!


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Bluesound: The Future of HiFi Wireless is Here

HighFidelity wireless sound is not just for audiophiles anymore with Bluesound, a sleek series of audio solutions that offer the convenience of wireless without sacrificing high quality music. The company boasts true 24-bit HD digital audio for an unplugged world. Portable audio players have made listening to music easy and convenient with a wide breadth of choice in the palms of our hands – but the quality has suffered as records were replaced with CDs and then MP3s. With 4x the processing speed of other comparable systems, Bluesound allows you to access your music exactly when you want to hear it. With the right speakers, you can listen to 24-bit/192kHz studio master recordings in lossless FLAC format on all Bluesound systems. Their DirectDigital Amplifer by NAD electronics harnesses “the perfection of zero distortion, deeper bass, and texture clarity like no other system can deliver”. This is included in the Powernode, Pulse, and Duo.

Bluesound Vault

Bluesound Vault | Soundworks Home Automation Armonk New York

The 2 terabyte music server can hold thousands of CDs or high quality audio albums with low acoustic emissions and power consumption. The product also streams internet radio and cloud music services – all with simple intuitive apps on iOS, Android or Kindle.

The Node

Bluesound Node | Soundworks Home Automation Armonk New York

A simple music streamer that works with your existing stereo system to bring HiFi audio into your home.

The Powernode

Bluesound Powernode | Soundworks Home Automation Armonk New York

A music streamer with a built in DirectDigital amp – you just need to pair it with passive or active speakers.


Bluesound Pulse | Soundworks Home Automation Armonk New York

A portable networked speaker with an integrated 80-watt amplifier and built-in WiFi networking and bluetooth connectivity with an optional dongle. The one box integrated speaker system can also connect to a network attached storage.

DUO 2.1 Speaker Package

Bluesound Duo | Soundworks Home Automation Armonk New York

The DUO’s powered 8″, 280 Watt peak subwoofer and full-range satellite speakers “deliver massive range and crisp, delicious detail that you simply have to hear to believe”. The DUO provides audiophile-grade fine control over volume, crossover and phase settings – allowing precision balancing of your music experience, no matter what the shape or size of your room.

The App

Bluesound App | Soundworks Home Automation Armonk New York

The Bluesound app controls the whole system either from a phone, tablet or desktop. Offering control of your entire system, the app is also where you build your music library and access online streaming services. Lossless services Quboz and Tidal are both supported on Bluesound. Each part of the system also has a connection for additional tracks on USB drives as well as access to the high res music download store HDTracks.

Supported Cloud Services

WiMP, Rdio, Slacker Radio, Qobuz, HighResAudio, JUKE, Deezer, Murfie, HDTracks, Spotify, TIDAL and TuneIn Radio.

Bluesound is the future of HiFi sound, but you have to make sure your home or office is up to the challenge with high quality speakers and a fast wireless network or the sound will be negatively affected. Contact Soundworks today to upgrade your entire listening experience from Bluesound, to speakers to a high-speed Internet network, (914) 765-0461.

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The Soundworks Holiday Gift Giving Guide

The Soudnworks Hoiday Gift Giving Guide | Home Automation

We all have one person on our holiday list who has everything! This year give the gift of bringing them one step closer to a fully automated home. To celebrate the holiday season we’ve put together items at very special pricing to make everyone smile.

All-In-One Listening Package

Sonos Play:5 Wireless HiFi Player

You’ll never get tired of the same old Christmas music with this ultimate all-in-one listening experience. Stream your entire music library, music services or radio stations and experience the deepest, richest sound in your home with 5 driver HiFi Speaker System for sound that fills up the entire room. Easy to setup and wireless to control this Play:5 is an easy choice at only $399.

Ultimate Control Package

Universal Remote MX-890 with MRF-350

Don’t let the big numbers fool you – the reasons to buy the MX-890 are simple: cutting edge technology, ergonomic design and a high resolution customizable screen make this sleek remote a game changer. Control everything from audio and video to lighting. When you use it with the award winning MRF-350 base station you don’t have to worry about getting the remote at the right angle – it can be used from any room in the house. The base station makes it easy to hide all your equipment behind closed doors and control up to six components over radio frequency. $399 for the remote and $199 for the base station (without programming).

MX-890 Universal Remote | Soundworks Westchester Home Automation









Entry Level Home Automation Package

Savant Smart Host with a Savant System Controller and a Savant SUR0500 Universal Remote

Take the first step towards home automation with this beginners package. Take control of your home audio, video, lighting, environment and security systems with Savant. From everyday security and temperature control to creating the perfect atmosphere for a party night, this entry level bundle is the perfect gift for the technofile home owner in your life. $1500 the whole package – programming and installation not included.

Watch the video here

Enterprise Class Home Wifi Network

Pakedge router, Pakedge wireless access point, Pakedge POE injector and Pakedge 5 gigabit switch

Greater range, seamless integration across your entire home, and the highest quality streaming for all your devices makes this a gift that will keep on giving. $1550 with one WiFi access point, installation and configuration not included. Contact us for pricing on multiple access points.









Think you’ve found the perfect gift for someone special in your life? Contact Soundworks today to discuss giving the gift of the first step towards home automation, 914-765-0461!

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Upgrade a Room in your Home with Soundworks

You don’t have to do an overhaul of your entire home to see if home automation is for you. If you do decide to dip your toes in the high-tech waters the next question becomes, what room should I start with? Any area of the home can be upgraded with a distributed audio system.  

Family Room

Soundworks Family Room







The family room is a perfect choice to start your home audio installation. Whether sharing a bottle of wine with a close group of friends or turning family game night into a dance party, the possibilities are endless. Take the focus away from the television and upgrade your family room to a space that can be transformed with the press of a button.


Westchester Sound System Audio Kitchen Soundworks






The kitchen is the heart of the home that has a magnetic effect on the entire family. Whether cooking for the family, hosting a small party or embracing family fun night – the kitchen is the perfect place to install a music system. Add iPad or Tablet controls to turn great music into a fun jukebox for everyone.

Master Bedroom

 Master Bedroom Westchester Audio Sound System







The master bedroom is a sanctuary and a retreat from everyday life. Hooking up a great sound system in the master suite can increase quality of life no matter what your needs. Prefer to fall asleep to the sound of a babbling brook? Why not close your eyes and immerse yourself in a surround sound world of nature. Like to blast Top 40 hits to wake up in the morning? Oversleeping will be a thing of the past!


Outdoor Sound System Westchester







Get rid of those tinny sounding Bluetooth speakers and make the choice for high quality outdoor speakers. Good music brings a new dimension to any outdoor gathering and will make you want to use your patio even more! These systems have year-round durability – why not blast Christmas carols while decorating the outside of your house?


The search for the perfect workout playlist is an eternal one, whether your prefer your Classic Rock or Beat Dropping Dubstep, your fitness soundtrack will sound so good you might just decide to run that extra mile.  

Now What?

Now that you’ve chosen the right room for your Soundworks upgrade, contact us today to set up a consultation and to find out which of our systems is right for your home.

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