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Soundworks Supports Hailey’s Hope Foundation

Soundworks is proud to have the opportunity to support the Hailey’s Hope Foundation with a donation of a 50″ television, worth $799, in support of the foundation’s work to support families in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

Hailey’s Hope Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit supporting families in the NICU with financial assistance, education and resources, specialized care packages, and partnerships with NICUs.

Learn more about the Hailey’s Hope Foundation here.

Home Automation As An Alternative For Elderly Care

hands-216982_640There’s no place like home! As an elderly person it can be devastating to leave your home, whether it’s your choice or not, to go to a nursing home or assisted living. With all of the advancements in home automation it is now possible for an elderly person to stay in the comfort of their own home while loved ones know they’re safe.

Through home automation, a safe environment can be created so that the elderly can live an easy and independent lifestyle at home. Imagine your lights automatically turn off the minute you leave a room? Or the temperature is regulated for you so it is never too hot or too cold? Or video surveillance so you know who’s at your door without getting up? All of this is possible through smart home technology!

For those that may need assistance, home automation can be set up so they are taken care of. Savant Systems allows you to have full control of your home through a touch of your finger. By pressing a single button the elderly can activate motion sensors or cameras inside or outside of the house and unlock or lock doors to guarantee their safety. Savant’s control system allows temperatures to be set throughout the house and thermostats to automatically adjust based on outside temperatures. Plus, the Savant system has eco-friendly lighting control that saves energy by integrating with motion sensors so the lights turn off when the room is unoccupied. So for the elderly that might not always think to turn the lights off, or might have a hard time getting around to adjust the thermostat, their Savant system will provide the assistance necessary to take care of it for them.

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 2.44.04 PMWhen your elderly relative is confident (or being stubborn) that they can live an independent life at home, it can be hard for loved ones to have the same confidence. Home automation can provide the peace of mind that your loved ones are taken care of when you cannot be there to take care
of them yourself. There’s no need to fear a grandparent has fallen with no way to get up. Motion sensors can be installed to record activity and security cameras can be accessed remotely to monitor what’s going on in the house so you know your loved one is safe.

If you’re interested in having a home automation system installed for your or your loved ones, contact Soundworks!

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The Soundworks Father’s Day Gift Giving Guide

Stumped for the perfect father’s day gift? Our Soundworks gift guide is your inspiration for audiophiles, movie lovers, early adopters, gadget collectors and sports fans! They say a man’s home is his castle, and we’re stepping outside the walls to bring some high quality technology for outdoor entertaining and solutions!

Sunbrite And Seura Outdoor TVs

sunbrite TV outdoor patio outdoor television westchester tri state

Get dad excited for yard work with an outdoor television! Sunbrite’s all weather HDTVs are designed for permanent outdoor installation, making them the perfect addition to your outdoor kitchen, patio, deck, or yard. Engineered to withstand harsh environmental elements, these hardy screens still look good in any outdoor space. Mow the lawn, skim the pool and dig up weeds without missing the big game, especially when paired with some bluetooth headphones!


The Seura Storm Ultra Bright weatherproof, outdoor television is ideal for your deck, patio, or even your hot tub! The triple lock seal design protects against contaminants to give a reliably sharp picture. There’s no need to worry about your screen being blacked out on those sunny days, Seura’s outdoor televisions are designed with LuminOptics so you can enjoy vivid image quality, even in direct sunlight. Either of these outdoor televisions are sure to be a big hit with dad.

Episode Garden Speakers

Westchester County Outdoor Speakers in ground outdoor solutions

Give dad the gift of music with Episode Landscape Satellite Speakers! These outdoor speakers can be mounted anywhere: in the ground, in a tree, the outside of your house or on the deck. These high performance speakers will deliver an even, rich sound to fill your entire backyard. Built to withstand tough weather, Episode speakers are guaranteed to have a long lifespan. Everything is better with good music; give dad the chance to sing-along all year round, whether putting up holiday decorations or grilling in the backyard! Earplugs for the rest of the family sold separately.

Planter Speakers

Soundworks Outdoor Solutions Planter Speakers

For a more aesthetically pleasing look, opt for one of these Planter Speakers. Each planter speaker comes with a removable plant and flower tray to hide the hardware without blocking any of the sound! Enjoy high quality music from these discrete planters that come in a variety of different styles to match dad’s taste.

outdoor flower pot speakers

Home Surveillance

westchester home security cameras with app to monitor

All dads worry (even if they won’t admit it!) and are more at ease when they know their family is safe. Soundworks can install surveillance cameras, inside or outside your home, to record high resolution footage around the clock. Monitor your home remotely in real-time or check back later to review recorded footage using high-speed playback. Featuring both fullscreen and grid-view, you can easily access your video remotely through a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone!

Outdoor Internet

Step up your gift giving game and update dad’s home with outdoor internet. Pakedge devices are designed to improve the range and speed of your wireless network, while also eliminating any interference. Their high power, high range wireless access points ensure that your devices will always connect with the best speeds possible. Now dad can stream from any of his devices right in his backyard.

Pakedge Outdoor Internet Westchester

Choose one of these gifts or bundle together outdoor internet, television and speakers to become dad’s favorite child… at least until the next holiday comes around. Interested in one of our gift ideas? Contact Soundworks today for more information, (914) 765-0461

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Throwing a Memorial Day Party? Get Full Control of Your Outdoor Music

pool-690034_1280With Memorial Day right around the corner, it’s time to break out the BBQ and dust off your outdoor furniture. We all know the key to a great backyard get together or cocktail party with friends and family is good music. Create the ultimate entertainment space with a Savant home entertainment system to control your outdoor music.

Savant allows you to easily control your outdoor wireless sound system with a simple touch of your finger. The Savant app can be downloaded to your phone or iPad, giving you full access to your music at anytime. So when you’re hanging outside with friends and don’t feel like moving to change the song you can simply use the device you have on hand. The Savant app also gives you full access to all music and playlists you have stored in the cloud. Cue up any playlist to set the tone for your outdoor party, as long as you have WiFi or a cellular signal.

The Savant app allows you to easily stay connected from your own backyard and control your music the way you want it when you want it.  Contact Soundworks for more information, 914-765-0461!  


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Improve Your Business Networking with Reliable Video Conferencing

Networking with clients is extremely crucial to the success of your business, no matter where they are located! It is important to be able to communicate quickly and efficiently, whether with a colleague right in your own conference room or a client across the country. Maintaining these relationships can be made easier through the use of video conferencing.

Video Conferencing helps to:

  1. image.phpReduce travel cost and time. Business trips can be quite costly not to mention the wasted time it takes to travel. Video conferencing helps to continue business networking while being cost and time efficient.

  2. Increase productivity & communication among your clients and colleagues. Video conferencing engages participants more than conference calls resulting in a better understanding of one another and the message you want to convey.

  3. Impress Clients. Being able to deliver streamlined presentations can be very impressive and valuable to clients.

As technology becomes more advanced it’s important to stay up-to-date on the systems you use for your business. The type of technology implemented in your office helps lay the foundation for how productive your business can be. Soundworks uses the most advanced technology and reliable high-speed wireless networking equipment to make your business more effective and efficient. 

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Top Trend in Outdoor Living

Whether it’s star-lit dining al fresco, summer Saturdays splashing around the pool or cocktails by a crackling fire, making the most of your outdoor space has become more popular and more possible than ever before.

According to the 2014 Residential Landscape Architecture Trends Survey conducted by the American Society of Landscape Architects, 98.3% of architects reported that their clients are requesting outdoor lighting systems and 97% said outdoor living spaces — kitchens and entertainment areas — are in high demand.  Fire pits/fireplaces, grills and installed seating are also very popular.

And we’re seeing this trend in Westchester County as well.  Our clients want to spend more time outside cooking, dining, entertaining and relaxing.  They want their outdoor spaces to have a sophisticated ambiance that is simple to control. Fortunately, advances in home automation and outdoor technology have made it a breeze to expand interior spaces straight into the great outdoors.

The Ultimate Great Room

Yesterday’s squared off decks and slab patios have given way to spaces that feel and function like the rest of your home’s living spaces — rooms without walls.  With a living room, dining room and kitchen, these outdoor great rooms feature lighting, audio and video on par with the home’s interiors.

savant pool

Lighting for the entire outdoor space, including pools and spas, has become more sophisticated than ever before. LED lighting systems are fully customizable and offer a wide range of colors, mood lighting, lighting for drama, and more.


storm tv

Selecting the right audio and video system is vital to creating the total outdoor habitat. A big screen, high definition, weatherproof television is a must.  Wiring for high quality sound with multiple speakers, as well as Wi-Fi internet access are also indispensable for these living spaces.


Savant Systems + Soundworks = The Technology Solution for Your Outdoor Space

Savant Systems offers a complete suite of software and hardware solutions for lighting, audio and video control for your outdoor space. Savant merges all of this exciting smart home control functionality and places it at your fingertips through sleek and intuitive user interfaces that are already a part your everyday life: Apple’s® iPad®, iPhone®, and iPod touch®.

apple productsSoundworks is an authorized partner of Savant. We have installed thousands of smart home solutions in Westchester County, Fairfield County and NYC.  We’ll work with you on the planning and installation, and will provide customer support for your system (should that be necessary).  It’s our goal to see that you get the right solution for years of satisfaction. 

We design solutions that work acoustically, aesthetically, visually and financially. Our goal is to give you the freedom to control your world, and to turn your dream outdoor great room into a reality. 



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Home Theaters vs. Media Rooms

tvIn the past, a home theater needed its own room with dedicated space for a screen, projector and theater seating. While this is a great setup that most people would love to have, some people just don’t have the space for it. Enter the media room – a multipurpose room that can be a great space for entertaining guests or an awesome space to kick back and watch a movie with the family.

Movie theaters have been trending more towards a luxury experience for viewers – a bar in the lobby, a meal served at your seat and overstuffed chairs for seating – but nothing beats the comfort of your own home, or the power of the pause button.

Nowadays, it’s becoming more and more popular to turn a living room, family room or playroom into a hybrid theater, or what we call a media room. Media rooms are less likely to have darkly painted walls with no windows, and are more likely to have sofas and chairs that can be easily turned into a comfortable theater, without sacrificing precious space. No matter the size of your home, a complete home theater system can be a reality.

With the increase of availability of new release movies for rental through Apple or Amazon, taking the family to the movies without piling into the car and hunting down the perfect seats seems better and better.


Don’t let the idea of a media room make you think of finding the right cables and fumbling with remotes. Soundworks is here to get rid of the tricky parts with fully integrated lights, audio, shades and video that take you from family room to movie night with one simple touch. How does it sound to press a single button and have the lights dim, shades drop and the hidden projector display a 4k HD image on a hidden drop down screen?

Technologies like Savant can make this dream become a reality. Organize all your multimedia – from music to movies – so you have easy access to all of your content from anywhere, anytime. Control everything using your phone, tablet or traditional remote; the choice is yours.

Contact us today for a free consultation and to figure what will work best for your home. At Soundworks, we love making dreams become a reality.

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Best Ways to Upgrade Your Outdoors

Finally winter is on its way out! With warmer weather comes cocktail parties and barbeques outside. Now is the best time to start thinking about upgrading your back yard to create your own high tech outdoor oasis. Here are the best and most exciting upgrades you can make this spring.

Sensational Speakers

xeZDKUKQ64fmy0mwzo8AmHjtNxfG0p1sd-GVjm0cEOsOutdoor entertainment and audio systems have been exploding in popularity over the past few years. Innovative outdoor speaker systems can fill any size yard or estate with high-quality, even sound coverage without visible speakers. In fact, there are lots of options for outdoor speakers that can complement landscape designs, or blend in with your existing outdoor elements. Soundworks, Inc. features custom installation of an array of rock speakers, planter speakers, box speakers, as well as in ground speakers and sub woofers. Choosing an outdoor sound system that works best for you is truly just the beginning to creating a whole new outdoor experience.  

Outdoor Control

Today’s intuitive remote controls make operating your outdoor music system a breeze. Let Soundworks design you an outdoor solution that fills your needs and desires. Whether you are looking to control everything from your smartphone, tablet, or even a weatherproof universal remote, Soundworks has got you covered. A vital component to any backyard getaway is to be sure you have a solid, stable outdoor WiFi system. Don’t have good outdoor WiFi coverage? No sweat, it’s what we do. Technology driven entertainment options designed and installed by Soundworks, Inc. feature innovative solutions from companies like Sonos. Sonos allows you to control multiple audio zones wirelessly and easily with the touch of your finger.

Savant Integration

In addition to Sonos, Soundworks, Inc. offers other entertainment options from Savant. Savant is an Apple based smart home technology solution that can provide complete home automation. Retrofitting your existing home to include a Savant system is a non-invasive (minimal wiring needed) way to achieve a fully integrated control system for your home and yard. With a Savant system you can also automate your spa or pool, setting the perfect temperature and jet pressure in seconds.  Add in the perfect ambiance and integrate a lighting system from Lutron. Set the tone for a romantic evening in the backyard or a fun night by the pool with the family. With Savant, the possibilities are endless. Who’s ready?

Storm TV

-poolOnce you have an outdoor sound system, one of the next upgrades you’ll want is an outdoor large screen TV! Outdoor weatherproof TVs are a great addition for anyone who entertains frequently in their backyard. What can be better than watching the game in your backyard with your friends and family? A big screen, high definition television that can also withstand high temperatures, low temperatures, wind, rain and everything in between is perfect for Sunday grilling! Soundworks recommends Seura products like the new Storm TV that combine high tech, high quality viewing in modern, resilient casings. This means you’ll never have to miss a touchdown to flip a steak again!

Investing in the perfect outdoor automation means less time in the house, and more time enjoying the wonderful weather with your friends and family.  With the click of your mouse or mobile device, you can rest assured knowing you are in control of your home and yard. Soundworks, Inc. makes outdoor entertainment come to life – and the living is easy!

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Is 4K Ultra HD TV for Me?

In the ever-changing world of television with terms like 3D and LED, 4K Ultra HD might sound like just another addition to the long list of options we have for home viewing experiences. But before you overlook 4K TV, take a look at this quick guide first.

 What is 4K Ultra HD TV?

This long, fancy-sounding term is actually quite the opposite! 4K TV and Ultra HD TV are actually the same types, and are simply generic terms for televisions that have a resolution of around 4,000 pixels wide and 2,000 pixels high.

Viewing experience with 4K-HDTV from multi-room music and video experts at soundworks in armonk, westchester ny

Welcome to the viewing experience of 4K-HDTV!

That just means that they have a high resolution, which means more pixels. This in turn translates to a better quality. In fact, 4K Ultra HD TVs have four times as many pixels than the average HD TV. Not only is the picture quality tremendous, but the difference in color quality and high level of pristine between 4K Ultra HD TV and regular HD TV is astounding.

Why Might I Want One?

4K Ultra HD TV was “born” in movie theaters in 2007, and its use has steadily been increasing since due to its distinctly sharp, clear picture that is not always found in standard HD movie experiences. Its superior quality provides a full immersion experience for audiences, allowing them to be “a part of” the movie they’re viewing.  This trailblazing viewing experience is unlike any other, and can now be shared with family and friends from the comfort of your home.

When 4K Ultra HD TV was first released for home use a few years ago, the prices were ridiculously high (think tens of thousands)! In the past year, there has been an influx of much more affordable TVs available, and 2014 has been predicted to see an exceptional increase in 4K Ultra HD TVs that won’t leave buyers with empty bank accounts.

We also bet you didn’t know that 4K is growing in popularity in other electronics, too! Did you know that the majority of digital cameras take a picture in at least a 4K resolution? Or how about the fact that Netflix will be supporting 4K streaming by 2015? And, at this very moment, 4K quality is in the process of being created for at-home DVDs, too. It’s safe to say that the 4K TV’s stellar quality and experience is catching on, and won’t be slowing down any time remotely soon.

While it may be a winter wonderland outside, 4K Ultra HD TV can transport you and your family anywhere you want to go, from the comfort of your home. Whether you’re considering 4K Ultra HD TV for your home or are curious and want to learn more, our team here at Soundworks is here to help! Contact us at 914-765-0461 or to get started with your 4K Ultra HD TV experience.

Photo Credit: ClaraDon via Photopin cc


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