Soundwords - Multi-room Music / Video

Multi-room Music / Video

It’s your life, isn’t it time you controlled the soundtrack?

Soundworks, Armonk in Westchester, New York, NY 10504

Don’t let your home music system keep you in one room. Sonos and Savant home automation systems let you choose what music and videos to stream in any zone of your home. Complete control over your music, from anywhere in the house.

Watch every game at the same time, in surround sound, with a family room that transforms into a sports screening hub with just one touch.

A Sonos whole home audio system is easy to use, reliable and stylish. Plus, it sounds amazing!

Savant gives you power over your entertainment in every zone of your home, stream a movie downstairs and blast the music upstairs.

This flat screen television in a Westchester County home transforms into a mirror when you’re not watching. With the latest technology and an experienced team of designers, Soundworks can make any room into an on-demand entertainment room.

All the technology behind our state-of-the-art systems is discreetly integrated into your home décor so it is easily – accessible when you need it, out of sight when you don’t.

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