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Spring Ahead with Soundworks: Planning Your Home Renovations

Get a fresh start for 2016 by preparing early for your home renovations and upgrades. At Soundworks, our team is eager to guide you through initial planning to make your spring renovations even easier. Contact us early in the design process to get the most out of your indoor and outdoor upgrades with fully integrated home automation, sound systems, automated lighting, security systems, home networks and more.

Looking for inspiration? Read through the most anticipated 2016 design trends for your home renovations that are already being implemented across the country.


High Speed WiFi for your Home Network in Westchester

Soundworks uses the most up-to-date technology and high-speed wireless equipment to give you the best home networking solutions. No more waiting for a page to load or resetting the router! Whether you want to stream netflix, share photos, make video calls, play online with your Xbox, Playstation or Wii, or work from your home office; Soundworks will set you up with the ultimate home network so you’ll never have WiFi troubles again.

Fast wireless internet in westchester for online gaming

When conducting business from your home office, nothing is more frustrating than watching the pinwheel turn and turn as you wait to connect. Soundworks uses the latest technologies to ensure high-speed, reliable network connections so you can answer work emails efficiently or deliver a presentation right from your own home. Between our home automation expertise, video conferencing capabilities, and networking solutions we can help you create a home workspace that will rival a corporate office. When your home network is working the way it should, it allows you to get your job done.

Westchester NY Home Internet Network Heat Mapping PakedgeFrom building your home to renovations and additions, Soundworks will work with you to guarantee all your home networking needs will be met! Our team will evaluate your home, create a heat map to analyze your network and make sure you get the best WiFi coverage. Never worry about a WiFi dead zone again! The whole family will be able to stream their favorite movies or music and surf the web all while maintaining high performance WiFi from anywhere in your home.

To create the home networking solutions you always wanted and desired, contact Soundworks for more information, (914) 765-0461!

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