3 Smart Systems to Install for A Better Media Room

Make your home’s hangout space more luxurious and convenient with automation technology

With the Super Bowl and March Madness coming up, now’s the time to get started on your dream home’s media room! You’ll need a TV and speakers, of course, but have you thought about what other pieces of technology you could add to make the space even more convenient and luxurious? We have some ideas, so here’s our list of three media room design tips to give your Chappaqua, NY space a boost.

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Lighting is a crucial factor in the design of any space. And when you’re trying to watch a movie, TV or live sports in your media room, lighting only becomes more important, as you want to minimize glare.

The best way to control your lights while boosting convenience is with smart lighting control. That way, you can control all your lights, including those in your media room, from your couch. You can also create scenes that combine multiple systems to set the ideal mood with a single button press; with one tap, you can turn on your TV and speakers, lower the lights and draw your motorized shades.


It’s extremely frustrating when something interrupts you when you’re watching TV, whether it’s a phone call or a trip to the bathroom. You might be able to pause the action, but it’s still irksome.

Adding a whole-home audio and video system can alleviate these sorts of irritations. If you have TVs and speakers linked throughout your home, you can listen or watch whatever’s on the main screen even when you’re not there.


Another annoyance when you’re trying to relax in your media room: Someone ringing your doorbell. But if you’ve installed a smart security system and video intercom, you can take care of it without needing to leave the couch. You can use your phone or another control device to see who’s at the door, speak with them and unlock the door for them, all in seconds from the same device. That way, you’re spending more time watching what you want to watch. These are just some of the ways a smarter media room design can improve your home. We’d love to work with you on your project. To learn more, call us at (914) 765-0461, leave a message in the chat box below, or visit our contact page.

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