Achieve Total Home Automation with Savant

Discover How to Stand Out on the Market and Impress Your Clients

Upgrade your client’s home and lifestyle with total home automation. Adding smart home technology to your new build or renovation not only creates a more luxurious space, but it adds value and appeal to the service you provide. However, a redesigned property doesn’t just appear overnight; a lot of work and planning is involved in creating the ideal living space. 

When working with your clients in Greenwich, CT, you’ll want to make sure the entire process is seamless from start to finish. So whether they’re looking to automate an existing build or the home is still in the construction phase, they can have peace of mind knowing they’re in good hands. 

At SoundWorks, we design automated solutions that capture attention and make an impact. Keep reading to learn how we can help you provide value to your clients in a new way. 

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Capture Their Attention 

To impress your clients with the idea of total home automation, make sure to share all the benefits. Some homeowners think a smart home is simply one with a few smart technologies, like lighting control, video doorbells, or voice-control devices. But instead, it’s a fully integrated system that makes the entire home a smart ecosystem. Savant is a premier option for homeowners seeking a luxurious lifestyle that promotes ease. 

Here’s what makes Savant an easy choice: 

  • It’s simple. Total home automation should make life easier, not more difficult. Savant systems are sophisticated with an advanced UI design yet a user-friendly interface.
  • It’s intuitive. Homeowners can even set up their own “scenes.” As they go about their day, the home can adjust to their current mood with just one click. 
  • It’s customizable. We at SoundWorks understand that total home automation is not one-size-fits-all. With Savant, all systems are customizable according to each homeowner’s unique needs and lifestyle. 
  • It’s seamless. All they’ll need is a smartphone. There’s no need to get rid of any existing technology, like Google Home, Alexa, or other connected devices. A Savant system can easily integrate into nearly all of your current systems.
  • It’s reliable. Savant systems are reliable because they are backed by years of R&D, testing, and constant improvements. Millions of homeowners trust Savant as an elite smart home system. 

When you’re automating a home with Savant, the experience is unmatched. You and your client will be happy you did. 

Build the Ideal Home  

Ready to stand out? It’s a good idea to plan out the home automation build before you hammer a nail or lay the foundation.  When you work with SoundWorks, we can coordinate with you and the construction schedule of the new home or renovation. Most importantly, we work closely with you and your clients to ensure the project meets (and even exceeds) expectations – from design and installation to ongoing services afterward. 

Want Happy Clientele?

SoundWorks can help with that. We work with companies like Savant to integrate total home automation technology because they produce quality products that work. Reach out to learn more. We’d be happy to inspire your next build

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