Custom Home Design Is Smart Design

Why Smart Technology Systems Should Be Part of Your Luxury Custom Home Design 

Architecture and interior design are two of the most competitive industries in the US. To get an edge, designers rely on talent and access to the latest design trends and technology systems. 

At SoundWorks, we have over 30 years of experience helping architects and designers create the best smart homes in Armonk, NY. We understand that when it comes to custom home design, smart systems and automation are as important as material selection, layouts, and space planning.  

So, if you want to integrate technology into your creative process, read on to learn how smart systems are the present and future of residential design. 

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It’s All About the Feeling 

Custom home design is all about “the feeling.” Clients should feel at home in every room when they walk into their new house. From materials to lighting, everything matters. 

Home automation systems take the design one step further. They customize the experience of space, giving users control over how different design elements play out. Through the Savant app, for example, your clients can integrate all their technology systems into a single interface.

From lighting up the bedroom whenever the alarm goes off to smart shades that respond to natural light conditions, smart systems should enhance the unique character of every space. 

A System for Every Space 

Through our brand partnerships, we provide designers with the tools and expertise they need to integrate smart technologies into their projects. 

From Savant’s energy management tools to our collection of invisible in-wall, in-ceiling, and stand-alone speakers, we turn designers’ visions into smart, automated spaces. 

For bedrooms, for example, discrete TVs and hidden speakers may work best without altering the design of each space. In the living room or home theater, however, a pair of powerful Paradigm speakers may be just what a client needs. 

Whatever the brand, we know it and understand how to work towards integrating it into your project without sacrificing design. 

Offer More to Your Clients 

When you promise your clients their dream project, you show them a collection of drawings, renderings, and mood boards to help them visualize a custom home design. It is the process that helps them get a feeling for a future space. 

Smart technology systems should be part of that process. Visit us at our showroom, or give our team of experts a call to inquire about how technology can become part of your own design process. We look forward to hearing from you.

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