Upgrade your Home with an Enterprise Class Wireless Network

Luxury lifestyles require premier technological capacities, and the experts at Soundworks are thrilled to introduce the Enterprise Class Wireless Network to meet the needs of clients who make the most of their homes. A robust home wireless network can revolutionize your home’s potential—for entertaining, home automation, and for connecting you and your family with high-speed service.

With a price tag of $4,500, the Enterprise Class Wireless Network includes installation, a managed router, POE+ network switch with 8 ports, in addition to three access points. This inclusive service is ideal for homeowners who take advantage of home automation technology, home theaters, or who simply desire an exceptionally powerful wireless network. A robust wireless network will enhance 4k streaming content and allow friends and family to connect while entertaining outdoors. A powerful wireless connection is also vital to any home office, and to optimize wireless capacity in larger homes.

pakedge robust wireless network home wifi in Westchester NY

The Enterprise Class Wireless Network runs with the Pakedge router, a top-of-the-line tool for robust connections, and ideal for home theaters, home offices, and smart home technology. Both within the industry and in customer reviews, Pakedge’s reputation is outstanding and the trailblazing company is always leading the way. Pakedge routers are designed for optimal performance amongst a range of sophisticated technologies and ensure top-speed access, as well as a streamlined system to support all of your technological needs.

As home offices and home automation services become smarter than ever, they require optimal networks to support complex systems. With Soundworks’ Enterprise Class Wireless Network, your home wireless internet will be optimized to enhance home offices, A/V systems, home automation and home theaters. The Soundworks team creates streamlined, efficient home networking systems with high-powered wireless capacities, which allows our clients to take advantage of the latest in the home technology revolution.

Contact us today to upgrade your home wireless network, (914) 765-0461 or sales@soundworksny.com.

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