Spring Ahead with Soundworks: Planning Your Home Renovations

Get a fresh start for 2016 by preparing early for your home renovations and upgrades. At Soundworks, our team is eager to guide you through initial planning to make your spring renovations even easier. Contact us early in the design process to get the most out of your indoor and outdoor upgrades with fully integrated home automation, sound systems, automated lighting, security systems, home networks and more.

Looking for inspiration? Read through the most anticipated 2016 design trends for your home renovations that are already being implemented across the country.

2016 Home Design Trends for Westchester, NY

Home Office Upgrades

Home Office Networking in Westchester, NY  | Spring Home Renovations

With more opportunities to work from home, updated home offices are at the forefront of 2016 home upgrade trends. The Soundworks team can install high power networks to ensure robust, high-speed wireless capacity throughout your home – whether for work or streaming movies, television and games.

Automated Shade Solutions

Automated Shading Solutions  | Spring Home Renovations

Another new trend in home automation is automated window shades, which can serve multiple purposes, from timer settings for home security, to ease of use to protect artwork and furniture from sun damage. As an expert in home automation technologies, Soundworks can install remote-controlled window shades and sync this technology with other existing automation features.

Home Remote Controls

Home Remote Controls  | Spring Home Renovations

With Savant systems, homeowners can control lighting, heat, music, and more with the touch of a button. Soundworks can help you identify and implement upgrades that can seamlessly streamline household maintenance. Read more about the new Savant Remote Control, coming soon!

Going Green

Going Green Energy Saving | Spring Home Renovations

In 2015, homeowners set new records for energy saving upgrades, and the trend will continue to flourish in 2016, for good reason. With a Savant system, homeowners can monitor energy usage in each room in their home, and remotely adjust lighting and heating to avoid waste and keep energy bills low.

As you prepare for spring home renovations, consult with the Soundworks team of smart technology experts to choose solutions and upgrades that are right for you, your family, and your home. We’ll be happy to help you plan in advance to make your spring even brighter and your home even smarter. Contact us today.

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