Home Theaters vs. Media Rooms

tvIn the past, a home theater needed its own room with dedicated space for a screen, projector and theater seating. While this is a great setup that most people would love to have, some people just don’t have the space for it. Enter the media room – a multipurpose room that can be a great space for entertaining guests or an awesome space to kick back and watch a movie with the family.

Movie theaters have been trending more towards a luxury experience for viewers – a bar in the lobby, a meal served at your seat and overstuffed chairs for seating – but nothing beats the comfort of your own home, or the power of the pause button.

Nowadays, it’s becoming more and more popular to turn a living room, family room or playroom into a hybrid theater, or what we call a media room. Media rooms are less likely to have darkly painted walls with no windows, and are more likely to have sofas and chairs that can be easily turned into a comfortable theater, without sacrificing precious space. No matter the size of your home, a complete home theater system can be a reality.

With the increase of availability of new release movies for rental through Apple or Amazon, taking the family to the movies without piling into the car and hunting down the perfect seats seems better and better.


Don’t let the idea of a media room make you think of finding the right cables and fumbling with remotes. Soundworks is here to get rid of the tricky parts with fully integrated lights, audio, shades and video that take you from family room to movie night with one simple touch. How does it sound to press a single button and have the lights dim, shades drop and the hidden projector display a 4k HD image on a hidden drop down screen?

Technologies like Savant can make this dream become a reality. Organize all your multimedia – from music to movies – so you have easy access to all of your content from anywhere, anytime. Control everything using your phone, tablet or traditional remote; the choice is yours.

Contact us today for a free consultation and to figure what will work best for your home. At Soundworks, we love making dreams become a reality.

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