Increase Comfort and Convenience With Smart Home Control

Home automation is the ideal luxury for Rye, NY, residents looking to improve their quality of life

The benefits of home automation aren’t the technology itself, but how that technology can make your life easier. While these systems are impressive feats of electronic wizardry, the goal is to make your life more relaxed.

There are many ways a smart home control system for your Rye, NY, home can help you enjoy a more comfortable and convenient lifestyle, and we explore five of them below. To find out more and to see how Soundworks can help, keep reading.

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Adjusting your home’s shades is often a time-consuming, cumbersome task. Save yourself some time and energy with motorized shades. These shades can be controlled remotely from your bed or couch, so you never need to get up to adjust them. You can also program your shades to adjust automatically during the day according to a premade schedule or by following the path of the sun.


Increase your energy efficiency and manage your light fixtures more easily with smart lighting control. Lighting control lets you manage your fixtures from a central control interface. Using dimmers, you can lower your carbon footprint by reducing how much energy is required to light a room. You also get a greater range of lighting options.


Ever been on your way to work and found yourself thinking, “Did I lock the door on my way out”? Your commute will be worry-free with smart locks. You can use your phone to check the status of any door in your home. Smart locks are also handy for package deliveries or other times when someone needs temporary access to your home. Once the delivery is complete or they’ve finished their task, you can lock the door behind them and know your home is secure.


Doorbell cameras are a natural complement to smart locks, as the camera lets you see who’s at the door and talk to them before you let them in. They’re also handy for moments when you’re at home but can’t answer the door immediately. Once you’ve identified who’s at the door, you can unlock the door remotely.


Whether it’s a family gathering or time for spring cleaning, playing some music in the background makes the occasion more pleasant. Enjoy your favorite tunes anywhere with a whole-house audio system. Your music can seamlessly follow you from room to room, and you can also stream different audio sources to separate rooms if you want.

A smart home control system is a surefire way to make everyday life more enjoyable. To learn more about our smart home automation solutions and set up a free, no-obligation consultation, call us at (914) 765-0461, or fill out our online contact sheet.

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