Going on a Summer Vacation? Keep your Home Secure while Lounging on the Beach

Home automation isn’t just for controlling your TV or sound system – it gives you the feeling of being secure from anywhere in the world.  Keeping your home safe while on vacation used to be a juggling act – deciding whether to keep the lights on or off, worrying about keeping the blinds open or closed and triple checking every lock on every door before you leave.

Having a security system integrated into a smart home makes life so much easier. With a Soundworks designed and installed home automation system by Savant you can control the lights in your home, adjust your shades, control your HVAC system, be notified of unusual movement in the house, play footage from surveillance cameras remotely anywhere in the world, and be 100% sure that the front door is locked. After all; isn’t vacation about relaxing?


When you go on vacation, making sure your home looks occupied is a big worry. With a smart home system you can control lights located in different parts of your home from your smartphone or tablet. You can even set a lighting schedule before going away to be sure you are worry free


Home security technology has advanced so far that checking in on the house is easier than ever. You now have the ability to record, zoom, and reposition your cameras, get notified of movement in your home, and take snapshots of recorded footage – as well as the ability to go back through the recorded logs to make sure everything is as it should be at home – while you sip a Mai Tai poolside.


You no longer have to fret about whether you remembered to lock the back door – fully automated homes will give you control over locking and unlocking doors remotely and can be set up to send you an alert about a door being unlocked. Forgot to turn your TV off, close the shades or adjust the pool heater or pump? No sweat! Control any of this from anywhere in the world from the touch of your phone or tablet.

Soundworks Westchester NY home security systemProtect Yourself

Be Wary of Social Media

-Don’t be too specific about your vacation plans online – clever criminals have been known to use status updates and tweets to find targets.



-Have your mail held at www.usps.com for up to 30 days

-Stop your newspaper delivery while you’re away to avoid piles of newspapers on the front lawn.

-Hire someone to mow your lawn and trim your hedges while you’re away – an unkempt yard is a red flag.

-Remove your spare key from the fake rock and give it to a trusted friend or neighbor along with your alarm code.

Keep the Noise Down

-Set your voicemail to pick up after one ring to avoid your phone ringing off the hook.

-Turn off your alarm clocks

Don’t Leave a Roadmap

-If you are parking in long term parking at the airport, don’t leave your GPS in the car. This is a quick and clever way for criminals to figure out where you live. 

Contact Soundworks today if you’re are interested in a consultation on home automation or upgrading your security system for a happier, safer summer.

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