Ruckus Wireless Gives You Control of Your WiFi


Living in a fully connected home where you can change the temperature, lower the shades and start your favorite playlist with a simple touch feels like living in the future. Now it’s time to upgrade to the wireless network of the future.

We had a lot of clients contacting us after our last post on upgrading to Soundworks’ Enterprise Class Wireless Network. We can’t emphasize enough how important the network is to your home! Which is why we’re introducing you to Ruckus Wireless with support by Access Networks. Ruckus is credited with developing the first Smart Wi-Fi products and technology that extend the range of WiFi signals and automatically adapt to environmental changes.

Why do you need robust wireless?

Your network is the digital foundation of your home. Building an automated smart home on a weak wireless network means the pieces will come tumbling down. The smarter your home gets, the stronger your wireless foundation needs to be.

unnamed-1How does Ruckus Wireless help?

Ruckus has a “Zone Director” that manages your wireless network and gives you control. Whether you’re giving a tour of your home over video chat or streaming high fidelity music on your phone, the Zone Director steers WiFi signals directly at you for the strongest and fastest connections.

Is Ruckus right for you?

It’s not only sprawling estates that can gain a connectivity advantage from this Smart WiFi. No matter how big your home is, the more connected devices you add, the more strain you’re putting on your network.

How much does a fast, robust WiFi network cost?

The Soundworks Team tailors every luxury home technology project to your needs! When you contact us, we will ask you more about your property to better understand the scope of your project and give you an accurate estimate. To give you a general idea of prices, Access Points start at $495 and Zone Controllers with Licensing start at $1310.

How complicated is installing Ruckus and Access Networks?

For you? Easy! Just gives us a call to get started. Plus, you can give us and Access Networks secure, remote access to your network to monitor your systems or troubleshoot issues so your connections stay healthy and robust.







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