Savant’s New Release

July marks a significant update to Savant’s software with a number of enhancements and changes, intended to help Savant integrate even more seamlessly with your home and life.  Here’s what you can expect from Savant 8.4:

  • Amazon Alexa integration:  Control your Savant system and even jump to individual preset Savant Scenes with Alexa’s voice control capabilities.  Alexa integration opens up new frontiers in how you interact with your home

  • Introducing Wally:  Wally is Savant’s new 5.5-inch in-wall touch panel.  With gorgeous high-resolution imagery, and including features like customizable wake-screens and proximity sensors, Wally is specially designed to complement and enhance the Savant experience.

  • Global Savant Scenes:  Do you have multiple users but Savant scenes that all users want to access?  Global Savant Scenes now allow you to share scenes across users.  The Shared Scene is indicated by a global icon displayed in the scene.

  • Expanded Smart Host Capabilities: The number of zones that the Smart Host can support has been expanded!  It now supports up to 18 Audio Zones and up to 12 Video Zones.  And there is now no limit on the number of environmental zones you can add (lights, climate, etc).

  • Sleep Timer:  You can now set a sleep timer from the Savant Pro app!  Can be applied to any A/V service.


Questions about how you can make living simpler and easier with Savant?  Our experienced professionals can provide a recommendation based on the needs of your home.  Give us a call today at (914) 765-0461, or reach out and contact us today to learn more!

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