Increase Your House’s Value with Smart Home Upgrades

With recent buzz about smart home features that will do everything from adjust your thermostat to lock your doors, many homeowners imagine that smart home upgrades are still too futuristic and expensive to be a reality. However, simple smart home upgrades will not only make your daily life easier, but also increase the resale value of your home.

The Ease of Everyday Living

Soundworks NY Savant Smart Home Exterior ShotWhen considering which upgrades will be best for you, consider the challenges you encounter in your home every week. Do you always lose your keys or forget to lock the door? There’s an upgrade for that. Are you spending too much on heating bills? Consider a self-adjusting thermostat that knows when the house is empty and will lower the temperature automatically. If you’re concerned with home security, invest in remote door locking and home monitoring cameras linked to your smartphone. The specific upgrades you choose will not only make your life easier, but will also be attractive to potential homebuyers. Whether you’re interested in a full home automation system, or the installation of a few upgrades, the team at Soundworks can help.

Invest in the Future, See Results Now

A recent study shows that homebuyers aren’t necessarily looking for an overload of futuristic gadgets, but rather simple upgrades that will make their lives easier and help cut costs. With nearly 50% of Americans likely to purchase at least one smart home upgrade this year, more homebuyers will expect houses to come equipped with some smart home technology.

Value and Savings

From installing motorized shades to simply upgrading your thermostat or lights, smart home technology can help control and cut down on energy bills. Some users report cutting up to 40% from their electricity bills simply by upgrading their thermostat. Not only will you increase your home’s resale value and streamline your day-to-day household management, but you can also choose from energy-efficient options that will cut costs.

Resale Value

Soundworks Home Automation Savant Smart Home Interior iPad shotIf you want to boost the resale value of your home, smart home technology is more than an organizational and cost-cutting tool: it’s also an investment. A recent study shows that 64% of young homebuyers are interested in purchasing smart homes. By paying attention to current trends and researching how smart home technology can enhance your life, you can not only save money, but make money if you choose to sell your home.

Consider the fact that 81% of homeowners, who currently have automation upgrades in their home, say they are more likely to buy a smart home. When these buyers go looking to buy their next home, existing home technology will make your home more attractive to a group of people that make up 28% of American homeowners. Plus, what better way to keep an eye on your home remotely while it’s on the market with real estate agents coming in and out, than with a security system in the palm of your hands and the ability to turn off the lights after prospective home buyers have left.

Contact Soundworks today to discuss upgrading your home and learn why 91% of smart home product owners would recommend them!

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