Surveillance with Soundworks: Installing Closed Circuit Cameras

Installing closed circut cameras in your westchester county home | home security and safety solutionsBit of a worrywart or paranoid in your own home?  Have no fear, Soundworks is here! Soundworks can give you the peace of mind you need by installing closed circuit cameras inside and outside your home. Technology has drastically improved allowing you to not only record but zoom and reposition your cameras. Soundworks can install cameras and set up live feeds that can be viewed remotely through an Internet connection. These cameras even allow you to take digital snapshots of your recorded footage.

As a parent, you always want to protect your family, and with the installation of closed circuit cameras you are able to do so. Soundworks’ smart home technology allows you to monitor your baby sleeping or check to make sure your rebellious teenager is home safe. Plus, you won’t have to worry about an outside intruder with the surveillance these cameras provide.

To enjoy more peace of mind, contact Soundworks for more information or a consultation.


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