The Complete Guide to Outdoor Entertainment

Is your backyard ready to entertain?

For some homeowners, the backyard is an afterthought when it comes to entertainment.  But savvy hosts know it can increase the square footage available for parties and events, add atmosphere and get everyone where they really want to be during beautiful weather—outside.  

This short guide will walk you through stunning backyard entertainment options, like Outdoor Movies, Outdoor Music, Landscape Lighting & more.

Bring the party outside

In summertime, you want to take advantage of beautiful weather as much as possible.  But it doesn’t exactly add to the atmosphere to rely on cheap, tinny Bluetooth speakers with no way to manage different zones of audio.

Instead, invest a little in your backyard by integrating your indoor and outdoor audio.  Discrete speakers can be strategically hidden throughout your outdoor space, and managed through an app on your phone.  Stream music outside as easily as you do inside! Speakers made specifically for outdoor conditions allow for an outdoor system that stands the test of time.  


Summer movies belong in the backyard

Have you ever wished you could put the game on while grilling, or gather your family outside for an outdoor screening of your favorite blockbuster?  Outdoor screens, TVs and projectors make it possible. 


Whether you’re looking for a simple weatherproof TV hookup outside, or a full-on outdoor cinematic experience, today’s technology makes it easy.  Combine your video system with outdoor speakers for an atmospheric, surround-sound experience outdoors that’ll make your place the go-to summer hangout spot.


Add atmosphere with outdoor lighting

No conversion of a backyard into an entertainment zone is complete without outdoor lighting.  With the push of a button, or from the convenience of your phone, control the lighting throughout your backyard as day turns into night.  Outdoor lighting is both functional and atmospheric. Make sure your backyard is not only easy to navigate in the dark, but that it also has mood lighting features that make it a welcoming place to spend time.  

Bring your backyard into the 21st century

Your pool & grill areas are prime candidates for tech upgrades that you’ll get a ton of use from.  Because they’re popular summer hangout spots, consider equipping them with the entertainment options you’d normally expect indoors.  With today’s technology, installing weatherproof outdoor TVs and speakers is easier than ever. And don’t worry about wires hanging everywhere: speakers can integrate into planters, rocks and other landscape features to be totally invisible.

When you’re ready to get started…

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