The Resurgence of LPs

It’s something shocking to say in the age of streaming and instant digital downloads: Vinyl is back.  But it’s true.  Even after being supplanted by the compact disc, record enthusiasts kept their preferred medium alive as a passionate niche.  Now, that niche has gone mainstream.  

Vinyl records are expected to sell 40 million units in 2017.  Every major record label is releasing vinyl, and manufacturers are having to open new vinyl pressing plants.  In some global music markets, vinyl is even eclipsing digital downloads.  

What’s driving this thirst for analog in a digital world?  Historically, there’s always been a nostalgia factor in the attraction to vinyl.  Music listeners are looking to the past, and many genuinely prefer the warmth and crackle of recorded sounds, and the immersive experience of listening to an album all the way through, rather than skipping between songs.  More recently, in an era of streaming–where you don’t own the music you listen to–some attribute it to an interest in the tangible ownership of music.

There’s also the question of authenticity, says Harvard Business School professor Ryan Raffaelli in a report by The Atlantic.  There is an authentic emotional connection found both in the warmth of the sound of a record, and in the physical collection of LPs, that can’t be found in digital downloads (or for that matter, arguably, in cassettes or CDs).

Today, vinyl sales are one of the bright spots in an industry that’s seen upheaval year after year.  As digital downloads decline, streaming and vinyl are the real contenders for music aficionados ears and wallets.

Infographic: The LP is Back! | Statista You will find more statistics at Statista

So what’s the best way to get started?  Here’s what Soundworks recommends if you’re ready to bring back vinyl:

  • NAD Integrated amplifier C326BEE $549.00
  • NAD Turntable $399.00
  • Paradigm Speakers Mini Monitor v7 $598.00

Questions about the perfect setup to get the most out of your records?  Call Soundworks today at (914) 765-0461.

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