3 Signs Your House Doesn’t Support Total Home Automation

Plus, How to Streamline Your Technology Under the Savant Platform

As you will learn soon, homeowners notice a big difference between a house with some Internet of Things (IoT) devices in it and a completely automated, streamlined home. We understand how those two concepts might seem synonymous at first. When someone walks into a residence and notices anything tech-forward, they might assume it’s a “smart home.”

Not so fast: Total home automation requires a higher level of connectivity, compatible devices and a central control system to streamline all these IoT tools. There’s nothing wrong with starting small and trying a DIY smart lock or some fun lighting controls, for example. Still, if you want to build a fully integrated, future-proof smart home, you’ll need professional integration and complete automation to make it happen. Keep reading for signs that your Greenwich, CT, home doesn’t live up to the “smart home’ moniker and what you can do to change that.

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1) You’re Using Multiple Controls

Have you ever spent so much time looking for a remote that you eventually gave up? If you want to invest in a smart home to make your life easier, you can’t do that with a motley crew of DIY devices and all their corresponding remotes. We consolidate your control system so that you get as many tools as you want without the hassle of disparate remotes.

2) The Devices You’ve Added Don’t Work Together

When smart home tools first emerged onto the market, they functioned like islands unto themselves. That might have worked when the industry was less developed; there were fewer devices available that you could implement to begin with. The integrated home industry has matured now, adding supportive control that links security, lighting, AV, and more.

Our choice automation partner, Savant, not only brings all your home’s operations together under one intuitive app or remote, but also supports many of your favorite devices, eliminating your need to independently control them with separate remotes. Take a look to see some popular devices that Savant connects.

3) Your Current Setup Isn’t Future-Proof

Almost everything in your home could become “smart” soon – including kitchen appliances, washers and dryers, mirrors, faucets, toilets and countless others. Are you ready to connect these to your existing system? If not, you need to consider a stronger infrastructure foundation.

Despite our reliance on wireless communication in our homes, cars, and portable devices, there is still a role for physical cabling. If you want to prepare your home for an integrated future, we recommend adding infrastructure for the long haul. Soundworks, Inc. will identify a central wiring hub location to connect your Savant system and more with Cat5e or Cat6 cables. To further future-proof your home wiring, we often run extra conduit to accommodate extra technology that you might request later.

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