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Make the Most of the Season with These Audio Video Upgrades

Springtime is finally here in Westchester County, and the steadily warming weather turns our thoughts to spending more time outdoors. Now is the perfect time for those springtime projects. Uncover the patio furniture, get the landscaping in shape with pruning, annuals, and mulching, and have the patios power-washed. It’s time to get the pool ready for summer swimming too.

When it’s all ready to go, you might imagine some more ways you can make your effort and investment in your outdoor space pay off. One way is to add outdoor audio and video entertainment to your outside areas in Rye, NY. With the right setup, you can squeeze every minute of the warmer weather outdoors, day or night.

Ready to learn how?

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Outdoor Audio

Music can enhance any experience, outdoors as well as indoors. Whether you’re lounging on the patio, frolicking in the pool, or grilling the perfect steak in your outdoor kitchen, you can have your favorite tunes with you.

Soundworks works with some of the best names in audio. Paradigm speakers are renowned by audio enthusiasts for offering exceptional sound at great values. Speakers like the Stylus line are perfect for covered patios and outdoor kitchens and bars, delivering punchy sound that can get the party going or simply relax you with its detail and finesse.

Outdoor sound is not restricted to patios and covered areas. All outdoor speakers from quality brands are designed to withstand the elements, be it temperature, water, and humidity. If you want to blanket your outdoor space with music, it’s easy to do. Origin Acoustics is a pioneer of architectural and outdoor speakers, and their Landscape line blends seamlessly into your gardens and landscape. You can choose from bollard model to speakers that look like landscape lights, with buried subwoofers that amp up the bass invisibly. You will hear the music, but you won’t have to see the equipment if you don’t want to.

How do you get your music outside? A variety of options exist, from the simplicity of a Sonos system controlled by your smartphone to audio distribution systems from premier home automation solutions like Savant. All of them can make your own digital music library or favorite streaming services easily accessible outdoors.

Outdoor TV

Often the pull of our indoor entertainment systems might take us inside on a balmy summer evening. Why not relax on the patio with your favorite show on an outdoor TV? Outdoor TVs, like outdoor speakers, are specifically designed for the environment. They can operate in much more extreme temperatures, are resistant to rain and humidity, have specific models with screens for both sun and shaded areas, and are sealed from protection from infiltrating bugs.

You can get 4K resolution outdoors too, just like in your family or media room. Models from our outdoor TV brand Seura range in size up to 86 inches, so you can enjoy movie nights outside all summer long. Or you can catch a Yankees or Mets games and see every detail. Seura even makes models that can go next to a swimming pool, so you can watch while floating lazily in the sun or a warm evening.

Consider installing more than one TV outside. You can have a smaller one by the outdoor bar and kitchen, a larger one in the covered patio, and even one by the pool. With sizes from 49 inches to 86, in sun or shade, there’s a model for each area.

And don’t forget the sound. Seura TVs can be equipped with soundbars that perfectly match the size of the TV. But with outdoor speakers, you can also pipe audio out throughout your outdoor areas if you wished. Want to get the most out of your summer in Rye, NY?  Let us plan the perfect outdoor entertainment system for you. Give us a call, click the chat box below, or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation with our team. We’d love to hear from you!

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