Celebrate the Good Times with Outdoor Entertainment

Discover How Outdoor Audio and Video Create a Welcoming Space for Family and Friends

It’s summertime again, with fall just around the corner. So, you’re probably thinking about upgrading your backyard space to make it the most popular hangout destination this year. Even though summer break and the holiday season are enjoyable, when you and your loved ones run out of activities to do, you might be left wondering, “What’s next?”

With a luxurious outdoor entertainment space, your beautiful home in Greenwich, CT, will be complete. You’ll never even have to leave your home to enjoy the beautiful summer days – instead, wade in your pool or lounge on the patio while listening to music. There’s no need to attend someone else’s holiday party – host it yourself by playing holiday music or movies while guests congregate in your backyard. 

Here at SoundWorks, we aim to elevate the lifestyle of everyone who comes our way. From outdoor speakers with top-notch audio to weather-proof outdoor televisions, you can have as much luxury in your backyard as you’d like. 

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Speakers with Sound That Resonates

When you invite friends and family over for the BBQ, a high-quality sound system is essential to create the most enjoyable experience. It sets the scene, getting people in the mood for the event.  But what makes a professionally installed outdoor speaker system different from a DIY system or one that is years old? 

  • Extensive coverage. No matter how large your yard is, a robust speaker system can reach every end of your property for an optimal listening experience. A home audio professional, such as SoundWorks, can expertly install and calibrate your speakers, so you enjoy consistent and even coverage anywhere you go. 
  • Big sound, low visual impact. You don’t want large speakers taking the attention away from your backyard decor. Today’s outdoor speakers blend into your yard and even look like rocks! Subwoofers can be buried with other speakers hiding in foliage or looking like other yard features. 
  • All-weather durability. Even if the weather is unfavorable, you can have peace of mind knowing that your outdoor entertainment system can handle it. Premium speakers are resistant to rain, snow, dirt, and extreme temperatures. 

Catch the Big Game — Even in the Rain

You don’t have to miss the game because of a little rain. So, there’s no need to cancel the get-together with your friends. Instead, move the party underneath your covered deck. When fully equipped with outdoor screens that keep dirt, debris, and moisture out, the party can go on.

In fact, with an all-weather outdoor television from SunBrite, you can tend to your garden, splash around in the pool with your kids, and even fire up the grill without missing a single touchdown. SunBrite TVs withstand everything Mother Nature can throw at them and still offer an amazing viewing experience. 

Be the Dream Destination 

Do you want to be the go-to destination for family gatherings and other parties? If you decide to work with SoundWorks, you can be. We’d love to help you bring your dreams to life. Reach out to us today

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