Landscape Lighting Installation Makes Outdoor Spaces More Beautiful 

How Lutron and Outdoor Lighting Offer Seamless Control and Nighttime Appeal

Smart indoor lighting creates a distinct ambiance, makes any room look more spacious, and gives you seamless control. But did you know that you can bring all these perks to your outdoor space with landscape lighting? 

Whether it is your pathway, walkway, steps, pool, or garden area, you can illuminate every section of your property with outdoor lighting. It also helps you improve home security and increase the value of your property.

Read on to discover how landscape lighting installation can benefit your home in Bronxville, NY. 

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Hassle-Free Control

In luxury homes, simply having top-of-the-line lighting fixtures is not enough to create a truly luxurious lifestyle. You also need a lighting control system that allows you to adjust the lights from anywhere. Lutron is a leading brand that offers hassle-free control options for the entire home, including the outdoor spaces. 

Right from the Lutron app on your smartphone or your smart home tablet, you enjoy one-touch control of the outdoor lighting system. A single tap of your fingers adjusts the lights in your outdoor space from anywhere, even if you’re miles away from home. 

Improved Security

Like most outdoor lighting systems, you can preset the lights using the Lutron system, so they turn on immediately after the sun goes down. It allows you to illuminate your outdoor space entirely to make more use of it even at night time. It also prevents any trip-and-fall accidents in the outside area, especially if there are any slippery places like the pool deck. 

Moreover, if your home is well-lit, it keeps burglars and trespassers at bay. Since dark spaces attract criminals, your outdoor lighting will give intruders no place to hide. You can also add lights with motion sensors that light up the path when someone passes by. Best of all, when they are integrated with your surveillance cameras, they’ll illuminate when your cameras detect a threat. 

A Beautified Space

Nothing beats the sophistication and beauty offered by landscape lighting. Your landscaping design adds to your home’s value by making your outdoor entertainment space more appealing. But when you add outdoor lights to it, you can enjoy enhanced aesthetics even at night. 

It enables you to bring the best features of your home’s architecture into the limelight. You can also bring attention to water features such as the pool, fountain, pond, etc. Now, host a party or enjoy time with the family in the evening by touching one button to bathe your property in pristine beauty. 

Are you ready for landscape lighting installation on your Bronxville, NY, property? Soundworks offers the best lighting control solutions for homeowners. We are certified dealers of Lutron. Get in touch today to start your project. Call us at (914) 765-0461 or fill out an easy online contact form to book an appointment. 

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