Creating the Perfect Outdoor Entertainment System for Staying In

Just because you’re spending more time at home doesn’t mean you have to go stir crazy staying indoors

We’re all having to make adjustments to account for the spreading of COVID-19, especially those of us living on the East Coast. One drastic change we’re making is spending much more time at home to minimize the chance of spreading the virus to others. This is a necessary step in the interest of public health, but it does mean that many of us can’t enjoy many of the activities we used to like that take place in public spaces.

So, what are you supposed to do while you’re practicing social distancing? We suggest not confining yourself entirely to your indoor spaces. As long as you have a way to adequately separate yourself from your neighbors, you can relieve some of the stress and isolation that comes with social distancing by integrating smart home systems to enhance your outdoor entertainment experience. Here are some solutions we offer for residents in the Greenwich, CT area.

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If you’ve spent all day inside while working, what better way to relax than to step outside and listen to some chill music? Now is not the time for loud backyard barbecues, of course, but some subdued music while you relax on your back porch is a nice way to get out of the house and enjoy the outdoors. We can install an array of speakers to reach every corner of your yard with pristine sound. Better still, we can connect these speakers to your existing home audio system so you can seamlessly move your music from indoors to outdoors, or vice-versa.


Similarly, outdoor video can help you and your family unwind after being cooped up together all day. You can stream video outside to give your family some fresh air. Another option is to have dinner outside while watching a favorite movie or TV show. With a whole-home A/V system, those who want to stay inside can do so while still watching the same thing as anyone outside. Lastly, why not try streaming your video of choice to friends and family? With most public settings closed off, getting creative with Facetime and other platforms is an excellent way to spend some time with friends or family without needing to leave home.


Sometimes, the best way to relax is to turn off the electronic noise and enjoy the natural sounds in your backyard. You could do this in the dark if you want, but you can create a more cozy effect with automated landscape lighting. LED light fixtures carefully placed on walls, among your foliage and hanging from trees can create stunning collages of color and beauty. You can control every fixture from your phone or tablet, and you can create preset scenes for specific moments and times of day. If you’d prefer not to mess with any of that, you can set your lights to automatically come on at sunset, then turn off whenever you go to bed. Your system will take care of itself while you still get to enjoy beautiful lighting.

Given the uncertainty around how long many communities will be implementing social distancing measures, you could be spending weeks or months at home. Get started on making your yard into a more comfortable, enjoyable environment by calling (914) 765-0461. You can also visit our contact page or use the chatbox below.

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