Enhancing Your Home’s Appeal with Landscape Lighting

Shine a Light On Your Home’s Best Assets

In Scarsdale, NY, there is no shortage of beautiful properties and grand estates. Whether your residence is newer or older, much effort has been spent on its outside appearance. From Quaker Ridge to Heathcote, and Tudor to Colonial, the pride in ownership and the history of the community is evident here.

Now that spring is here, the lawns are turning green again, the trees are blooming, and annuals are being planted. But who can see all that beauty in the dark? One way to ensure all that effort in outside maintenance is properly shown off is with landscape lighting. The right light does wonders for any picture — just ask any professional photographer. With the proper lighting, your property can look its absolute best.

Ready to learn how? Here are five easy ways to use landscape lighting to enhance your Scarsdale, NY, home.

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Downlighting and Area Lighting

We’re fortunate to have many old and towering trees. Downlights and area lights in trees can illuminate a landscape, the driveway, or a backyard. With the right bulbs, the lights can simulate moonlight, adding both natural-looking beauty and an element of safety to your outdoor areas.

Accent and Spot Lighting

With so many unique features of homes in Scarsdale, it’s easy to add drama and flair at night. Shine a light on a unique entrance door. Or highlight a special tree in your lawn. Fountains and water features should not be left in the dark. Highlight the beauty of the water with light, and even consider color-changing LED lights to match and blend with garden features.

Shadowing and Silhouetting

An outdoor sculpture can continue its drama at night casting shadows. With the right lighting and positioning, silhouettes can also show off a feature against the dark backdrop of night. If you are planning major landscape projects this season, think about how to use light as a design element in your project.

Grazing Techniques

Are there distinctive outside surfaces whose detail can be brought out by lighting? Antique brick, unique stone veneer, or even the bark of a tree can all be enhanced by close lighting that illuminates the individual aspect. Something that may not be noticeable by day may turn into outside art at night.

Cross Lighting and Uplighting

Create three-dimensional shadows by lighting a tree or other tall outdoor feature from multiple locations below the feature. Highlight exterior walls with up lights that add height and drama. Uplights can add an element of grandeur to almost any home at night.

Pick the Right Professional Partner

Naturally, you want a professional that understands lighting. But with today’s smart technology, your lighting can also be integrated with smart home automation, outdoor audio-video systems, and more. You should choose a professional with skills and experience across all these technologies to get an integrated solution. Soundworks specializes in smart technology solutions for the entire home, inside and out, including audio, video, security, energy management, and much more. We can provision and install the solution that best fits you and your property. Now is the perfect time to elevate your home in Scarsdale with landscape lighting. Give us a call, click the chat box below, or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation with our team. We’d love to hear from you!

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