Customized Smart Home Integration Sets the Stage for Luxury Living

Let Your Smart Home Create the Perfect Setting

In today’s high-tech world, a smart home is considered the epitome of luxury. In fact, smart home integration is increasingly a prerequisite of top-tier real estate. Motorized indoor and outdoor shades, entertainment systems rivaling the best commercial brands, and lights automatically transforming throughout the day are the norm.

Smart technology has revolutionized how we manage and interact with our homes. Gone are the light switches, manual shades, and multiple remotes. In their place are elegant, custom-engraved keypads and high-resolution touchscreens. How and why has this become the benchmark for luxury home living? 

Let’s explore this changing world and why homeowners in Fairfield County, CT, are embracing smart home technology.

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Managing Your Home Via Your Activities

In-wall keypads no longer contain dimmers and tabs that turn the lights on and off. Instead, they’re engraved with the activities that make up your day. Press the “Good Morning” button, and your smart home responds, creating the optimum environment for your lifestyle. For some, that may mean shades that open in every room, a heated spa or sauna, and an inspirational playlist streaming through your home in high-fidelity splendor. 

For others, the “Good Morning” button heats the towel racks, radiant flooring, and the home gym while turning on the morning news. As you can see, it’s the customization of a smart home that truly defines a luxurious lifestyle. 

These buttons are programmed for the events that mean the most to you, from entertaining to dining, watching movies, and relaxing. When it’s time for bed, pressing the “Good Night” button puts your smart home to sleep, locks the doors, and sets the alarms. 

Managing Your Home With Your Voice

Have you ever come home after a long day with arms full of groceries or files from the office? You fumble for the key to open the door and try not to drop anything as you reach for the light switch. Those days are gone.

A personalized smart home lets you manage it with your voice and adjusts automatically based on your presence. When you pull into the driveway at night, the landscape and first-floor lights automatically illuminate. You’ll find the garage door open and the door unlocked. When you enter your home, you’ll hear your favorite playlist welcome you. 

But what if you’ve had an exceptionally long day? What if you’re ready to have dinner with the family and then binge-watch the latest series or jump into a hot spa and listen to ColdPlay in the backyard surrounded by moon-like landscape lighting? All you have to do is ask your voice assistant, and they’ll prepare your home accordingly. 

The Tip of the Iceberg

It can be hard to imagine the life-changing technology and ease of living that smart home automation brings. Even our expert-level team, who has been creating smart homes for over 30 years, is still amazed by the continual advancements and the nearly limitless possibilities. 

Here, we’ve only touched the surface. To learn more about customized smart home integration or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact SoundWorks today. 

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