Design the Ultimate Smart House with SoundWorks Inc.

Uncover the Endless Options That Smart Technology Can Bring to Your New York Home

Does your Westchester County, NY, home need a pick-me-up concerning automation and home technology? SoundWorks Inc. can help you create the perfect smart house, completely capable of making your day-to-day life easier and more luxurious. 

If you’re ready to make your home work in your favor, you’ve landed in the right spot! Keep reading to learn more about our available options and how we help you choose the right solutions for you!

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Find Your Solution with SoundWorks Inc.

We want to help you design your space in a way that makes sense for your home layout and lifestyle while simultaneously integrating smart home technology. Here are a few examples of what we offer.

Home Theaters

A home theater room offers many benefits for our clients, including an enhanced entertainment experience (for family and guests) and an entirely immersive environment. We’ll ensure top-notch video and sound quality, offering a theater-esque adventure. 

Customize your home theater to your preferences, incorporating comfortable seating and optimal acoustics. A home cinema room gives a private and controlled setting, ideal for unforgettable movie nights and moments with the people you love. And since it’s a part of your smart house, it’s all controllable at the touch of a button!

Multi-Room Music

An expertly installed multi-room music system offers a transformative yet convenient experience in every room in your home. You can easily play different audio in various rooms at the same time, which is fantastic for anyone who has a family or hosts parties. 

Switching up the music within each room of your home can set the desired mood, allowing you to move from room to room without missing a literal beat. Smooth jazz can boost productivity in the office, while 90s rock brings your backyard barbecue to life!

Automated Lighting

Lighting control systems offer numerous advantages to improve the functionality and atmosphere of your home. You’ll be able to effortlessly control and customize your lighting levels, enhancing comfort and convenience. 

SoundWorks Inc. can show you how to schedule your lights to turn off and on at specific times, increasing home security measures and saving energy. A remote control panel or mobile application eliminates the need to manually operate switches, adding style and practicality to your living situation. 

Deciding What Works for Your Home

SoundWorks Inc. offers more than the solutions mentioned here, including home networking, energy management, outdoor AV, security, and automated shades. We’ll consult with you regarding your interests and then walk you through our available technologies, deciding on a design that caters to your lifestyle together. 
If you’re ready to start, contact the SoundWorks Inc. team today! We can’t wait to collaborate on your next project!

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