How to Create a High-End Audio System

Check Out the Top Brands in Speakers and Receivers

Audio is a crucial part of any home entertainment system. Whether you’re a casual listener who wants to enjoy some background music or a total audiophile who listens carefully to each album, you deserve a system that creates high-quality sound. You could use cheap, low-quality speakers, but you won’t get the authentic sound you desire.

A high-end audio system is the best way to enjoy sound in your home. This system will use a receiver and speakers from leading audio companies, producing performance-quality sound that delivers music the way the artist intended. Keep reading to see how to create a high-end sound system in your Westchester County, NY, home.

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Bowers and Wilkins is a producer of luxury, stylish loudspeakers that output a sound that will amaze you with every listen. Their 800 Series are sleek and contain some of the most advanced sound technology available. The 801 D4 is their most powerful model, but they also make speakers more compact to fit in any space. They also make center speakers, which are a great addition to a loudspeaker pair.

Revel is another leading speaker brand with a variety of audio options to fit in any space and home. Their Ultima2 series offers loudspeakers, bookshelf speakers, and center speakers. Of the two loudspeaker options—the Salon2 and Studio2—the former has a larger range, being able to produce exceptional low frequencies and soaring high ones as a four-way speaker. However, the Studio2 speaker still delivers extremely high-quality sound

The Voice2 center speaker is a great addition to any loudspeaker pair, designed to output as much as 75% of an audio source at any moment. It’ll supplement loudspeaker audio, giving a full, authentic sound experience. If you’re worried about having enough space in your home for loudspeakers, you can opt for the Gem2 bookshelf speaker, which delivers a big sound in a compact package.

Sources and Amplifiers

No matter how high-quality they are, speakers are useless without a source—which is where Arcam comes in. Arcam is an excellent addition to your high-end sound system with its selection of amplifiers, streamers, and CD players. 

Amplifiers are a crucial part of a sound system, taking weak audio frequencies and boosting them to create a powerful enough sound for the speakers to output. Using a premium amplifier is important to ensure the audio quality is preserved. Arcam’s streamers and CD players ensure that you can listen to your favorite content in crystal clarity with your high-end speakers.Do you want to revolutionize sound in your Westchester County, NY, home with a high-end audio system? Contact SoundWorks today! We partner with brands like Bowers & Wilkins, Arcam, and Revel to bring premium sound to homes across New York.

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