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Many of us have experienced more time than we’re used to in our homes lately. Or perhaps you’re reading this at a time when stay-at-home orders are still a recent memory. Either way, being inside for such long stretches has probably given you more insight on what’s working in your residence, functionally and aesthetically, and what isn’t. Some people might want to replace their coffee table or wall color, while others may realize that they’re not reaching their home’s potential to make their modern lifestyles easier, and that automation can solve that need.

Besides, more than one third of homes boast integrated features in 2020, so there’s a chance your neighbors have caught on to the trend, and their resale value will skyrocket because of that investment.

What could you experience if you took the total home integration leap in your Bedford, NY, home? We’ll provide a fun, day-in-the-life scenario below!

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9 a.m.
Imagine you’re waking up on a random Thursday morning to the smell of coffee brewing. A bright light rouses you from a deep sleep, and you mentally list your daily tasks. You notice that it’s a bit warm in your sunny bedroom. Reach for the control on your bedside table or speak the desired temperature to your voice control assistant: You’ll notice a cool breeze circulating soon. Or adjust your lighting to help you snooze for 15 more minutes.

11 a.m.
You’ve taken a work-from-home day, which gives you the luxury of starting late. Enter your home office and press one button. Just like that, you can be prepared for your meeting. Seconds after pressing a button, you’ll notice that your lights dim as your presentation screen rolls down. Soundworks installs conference-ready technologies for your home, like beam-forming microphones, high-definition speakers and integrated video conferencing solutions. If this is the “new normal” for work, you might as well prepare for it with devices and home networking as sophisticated as what you have in your physical office.

1 p.m.
Wander into your smart kitchen and grab something to eat in between conference calls. Believe it or not, today’s smart homes extend their technology into the kitchen, so you can enjoy a room-to-room smart home experience. If you need a refresher on your coffee, smart coffee makers respond to voice commands. Samsung’s Family Hub fridge not only preserves your food but also lets you view the news, synch up to calendar apps, or write grocery lists, reminders and more. When you’re working from home, it’s also a great way to remind your family of your meeting times.

5 p.m
You’ve wrapped up conferences with your employees, and now it’s time to unwind for the day. Head to your dedicated theater room or media room to enjoy the escapism that our premium audio and video installations can give you. Whether you’re viewing a movie in Dolby Atmos surround sound or playing a video game in high definition, Soundworks knows which technology you need to make your entertainment more immersive and the exact placements for the various media you prefer. We also specialize in seating, lighting and acoustic treatments — all elements that contribute to a premium experience.

10 p.m.

It’s almost bedtime. You’ve been reading about circadian rhythm and the dangers of blue light (especially cell phones) when you’re trying to slow down, so you leave the home theater, shut off your phone, and chill out in the bedroom instead. The automated lighting that woke you up this morning automatically assumes a warmer, dimmer glow at night, more conducive to restful sleep.

Our whole-home audio clients often ask for a dedicated audio zone in their room so they can drift off to guided meditation, nature sounds or sleep-inducing music.

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Total home integration adds convenience and luxury to your residential experience. If the scenarios we illustrated above appeal to you, we’ll give you a tour of the systems that bring this experience to life, like Savant, Lutron and more. Get started by calling (914) 765-0461. You can also visit our contact page or use the chatbox below.

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