How Home Health Automation Enhances Comfort, Safety

Smart home technology can help your loved ones keep track of medications, maintain the ideal room environment and more

We’ve written extensively about all the ways smart home automation can help you have more fun at home, but there are more practical purposes for these systems as well. One of the other ways automation technology can improve your life is to help you live healthier. These benefits come in several different forms, so today we’ll be looking at how home health automation can help Scarsdale, NY, residents live longer, better lives.

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It’s vital for anyone taking chronic medication to maintain the proper dosing regimen. But if you’re taking multiple medications at the same time, it can be difficult to keep track of what you’re supposed to take when.

Automated medication reminders and dispensers make monitoring your prescriptions much simpler. You’ll receive an alert whenever it’s time to take one of your medications, and your medicines will be dispensed for you. Some systems can also tell you when it’s time for a prescription refill.


Our bodies work most efficiently in a fairly narrow temperature band. Becoming too hot or too cold, especially if it happens quickly, can have severe health consequences, including hypothermia and heat stroke.

You can make yourself more comfortable and help maintain a stable body temperature using automated temperature control. You can set temperature settings and schedules across your home or for individual rooms. A centralized control system and voice control technology make adjustments easy. Voice control is also an ideal addition for seniors, who may have trouble with a traditional thermostat.


There are a host of bad health outcomes than can come from breathing in carbon monoxide, allergens, pollutants, dust and other unpleasant bits of debris at home. Carbon monoxide poisoning is extremely dangerous, even fatal in some instances. Allergies make daily life miserable, and you don’t want to take the chance of contracting an illness from something you inhale.

You can combat many of these health risks with automated air quality monitoring. Specialized sensors will monitor your air quality and let you know if anything is amiss. These devices are especially valuable if your home is susceptible to carbon monoxide, as the gas is colorless, odorless and tasteless.


For most families, having someone available at all hours to monitor an elderly relative or another person in need of complex, long-term care just isn’t practical. However, not having someone watch an older relative often leaves those same family members alone for long periods. Being at home alone places such family members in danger of falls, heart attacks, strokes, and other conditions.

Remote health and video monitoring services can maintain peace of mind for you and your family. Real-time surveillance cameras let you check in on your loved ones throughout the day, or you can have a service monitor them for you. If you want more detailed information, certain systems can track your temperature, heart rate and other biometric data.


Leaving home and becoming lost is a common problem for people with dementia and similar illnesses. The situations can be dangerous for both patients and others.

Automated security systems can help prevent these incidents and help you respond more quickly. You can program your system to keep entrances locked between certain hours or on certain days. Additionally, your system can send you alerts when anyone enters or leaves the home, giving you a chance to check in and see what’s going on.

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