Revel In A High-End Listening Experience Throughout Your Entire Home  

Savant’s IP Audio Offers a Scalable Distributed Audio Solution for One Room or Large Estates

At Soundworks, Inc., we specialize in high-performance audio combined with the latest customized home automation. When these two powerhouses are connected, our clients experience high-fidelity sound in every room of their home and outdoor spaces. And it’s effortless to control. 

To accomplish this, we partner with industry leaders that bring cutting-edge technology to home automation and hi-fi audio. One of these brands is Savant.

Let’s explore how Savant is transforming homes in Ridgefield, CT, with whole-house audio.

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Savant IP Audio Solutions

Savant’s networked IP audio solution connects any audio source to any speaker throughout your home and yard. Unlike traditional audio distribution that uses long analog wire runs that reduce audio quality, Savant IP audio remains digital from the source to near the speaker, reproducing sound the way the artist and director intended.

Because it uses standard network cable, the system can be scaled dramatically, from one room to an entire estate, up to 96 rooms in total. All components are stored in a hideaway media rack, tucked into a closet or cabinet. 

Hi-Fi Speakers

Our certified technicians will integrate hi-fi architectural in-wall and in-ceiling speakers and subwoofers for homeowners who want their audio to be heard but not seen. Strategically placed and carefully calibrated, they fill your home with breathtakingly beautiful sound. In outdoor spaces, high-performance satellite speakers and in-ground subwoofers blanket any size yard in the sound that surrounds you. 

For audiophiles who love the look of high-performance floorstanding loudspeakers from top brands in the field like Bowers & Wilkins, JBL, and McIntosh, we can set up a media room, custom home theater, or a dedicated immersive listening room using the same distributed audio system. 

Effortless Control

Savant’s system lets you access albums, artists, and playlists from numerous music platforms using a personalized and user-friendly interface on mobile apps, tablets, smart remotes, and elegant in-wall keypads. You can search across various streaming services, including Spotify, Deezer, TuneIn, TIDAL, Pandora, or your digital album collection. Your whole-home audio system allows all users to access many audio sources, whether turntables, CDs, satellite radio, or TVs. 

This same easy-to-use platform controls your whole home, from lighting to climate, security, and entertainment. Pull up soundtracks for parties or dinners, set the indoor and outdoor lighting to the perfect hue, heat the spa, and lower the shades with just one touch. 

At Soundworks, Inc., we’ve been creating customized home automation and whole-home audio solutions for our clients for over 30 years. We take the time to learn about your lifestyle and create a custom solution that enhances your daily life and exceeds your expectations. To learn more about whole-home audio or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Soundworks, Inc. today. 

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