Why Homeowners Choose Savant for Their Smart Home

Savant Offers Homeowners Simple Sophistication and Seamless Integration  

As technology advances and the demand for smart home automation increases exponentially, more players are getting into the market. So, how do you choose which system is right for you and your home? As a Savant dealer in Bronxville, NY, we selected this system because of its customizable solutions that allow us to create the smart home our clients dream about.

Let’s look at what Savant brings to the table that outpaces the competitors.

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Simple Yet Sophisticated 

When Savant entered the smart home automation market in 2005, it quickly became known as the system for luxury homes. The brand’s goal was to create easy-to-use, innovative, scalable products, enabling a home’s automation system to expand as a family grew and changed. 

In 2020, Savant also completed the acquisition of GE Lighting, enabling the brand to offer design-oriented LEDs and other transformational lighting solutions.

Seamless Integration 

Savant integrates with over 380,000 third-party devices, which means that you won’t need to replace your existing electronics or home devices to deliver the ultimate in automation. It has also developed a reputation as the brand most compatible with Apple products, including iTunes and your iPhone.

It was the first smart home automation brand to offer a mobile app for controlling your whole home. This move revolutionized the industry, allowing homeowners to control their systems, including lights, blinds, entertainment, temperature, and more from their smartphones.

Customizes the Experience 

At Soundworks Inc., we understand that no two homes are alike, and neither are the family members that live in them. Savant understands this too and has created customizable solutions.

So that each member of the household can best use the home’s automation, Savant created personalized access. As a result, each person has their own account with their preferred settings. These settings include pre-set scenes that change multiple components with one touch.

Intuitive Design  

The user-friendly Savant app uses icons to represent the technology available in each room of your home. Click on the icon and adjust the lights, blinds, music, or TV controls to make changes.

You can also press one button to control the entire home. Our certified technicians will set up your favorite pre-set scenes in each of your accounts. For example, homes that frequent guests and parties may opt for an “Entertainment” scene that turns on the whole-home audio, adjusts the lights, illuminates the landscape, disarms the alarm, and unlocks the door.

Savant also excels in its incredible touchscreen remote that functions similar to Apple devices. The touchscreen features your personalized scenes, a list of your favorite channels, and all the elements controlled by the remote. The system also integrates with popular voice assistants like Google, Siri, and Alexa for those who prefer voice control.


It’s clear that Savant has mastered home automation. But they do not rest on their laurels, continuing to improve the system’s advanced capabilities and intuitive functionality.

At Soundworks Inc., we design and install Savant automation systems, creating unrivaled luxury home automation. To see what Savant can do for your home and lifestyle, contact Soundworks Inc. for a complimentary consultation today.

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