Elevate Your Lifestyle with Smart Home Automation

Savant Simplifies Home Life with Seamless Controls and Elegant Design

What does “luxurious” mean when it comes to the home? Interior design and lots of natural light can help a space look the part, but for a home to truly be luxurious, it needs to be easy to use and control. That’s where smart home automation comes in. Home automation platforms like Savant provide seamless solutions for home control so that access to your smart solutions is always at your fingertips. Keep reading to learn more and discover what Savant home automation can bring to your home in Armonk, NY.

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Why Savant?

There are many home automation platforms, so why choose Savant? In addition to unique solutions like Savant Power, Savant provides seamless control of all the technology in your home. Everything from your thermostat to your whole-home audio system will be accessible from the control touchpad, remote, or your smartphone. It’s convenient, it’s easy, and it’ll make your home feel luxurious. 

Savant can also seamlessly automate your technology to fit your schedule. Wake up in the morning to bright white lights and raised shades. When you leave, Savant will automatically arm the security system. At the end of the day, your home will be waiting with closed shades for privacy and warm lights to help you unwind. 

Savant Scenes

Savant helps make your home control unique to you. By setting scenes, you can easily adjust multiple technologies with just the touch of a button. For example, a dinner party scene could dim the lights in your formal dining room, play some soft music, and close your shades. A movie night scene in your home theater could turn off your lights, close your blackout curtains, adjust the temperature, and turn on your display. The opportunities are endless and totally up to you!

Elevated Entertainment

Listening to or watching your favorite entertainment couldn’t be easier with Savant. Control is at your fingertips, so it’s easy to play your favorite playlist or queue up your favorite movie. But Savant takes it a step further than that and upscales your audio and video.

Savant’s network contains IP audio and video. It’s capable of carrying high-resolution video and providing a crisper image and a clearer sound. Whether you’re an audiophile, cinephile, or just a casual viewer and listener, you’ll fall in love with Savant’s home entertainment.

Solutions for Unique Spaces

Every home is unique, so Savant strives to create unique solutions that can automate every space. From home theaters to home basketball courts, Savant has the technology and products to provide seamless integration and control. Savant’s solutions are made to scale and tackle even the most unique spaces.

Smart home automation can truly transform your home, and Savant has the technology and user-friendliness to give your home in Armonk, NY, that luxurious feel. To learn more, contact SoundWorks today!

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