Rejoice in the Comfort of a Reliable Wireless Network

Wireless Networks Work Hard So You Don’t Have To 

The future is wireless, and so is the present. Your smart home should stay up to date on all the latest technologies, including the wireless networks that link and power disparate systems. Hardwired routers, servers, and other devices remain critical to any network, but it is through the versatility of wireless technology that your smart home will adapt to any occasion. 

Read on to learn how SoundWorks can get your smart home wireless network up to speed for the ultimate performance out of the smart technology in your Greenwich, CT, home. 

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Set the Mood in Every Room

Whole home audio is often listed as one of our clients’ favorite smart features. It is convenient, fun, and adds an extra dimension to any space at home. It is also often dependent on wireless connectivity. Many clients like to use Hi-Wi wireless audio systems offering on-demand music anywhere in the home. 

In the kitchen, in-wall and in-ceiling hidden speakers set the ambiance without interfering with the decor. Meanwhile, in the media room, the kids are checking out the new Paradigm surround sound system. If they ever get too loud, you can take your smartphone out and lower the volume without leaving the room. For outdoor entertainment, the WiFi access points installed through your property mean the Seura TV and weatherproof Sonance Mariner speakers won’t skip a beat when streaming content. 

To top off the mood, Lutron tunable lights, smart dimmers and switches are all more versatile and efficient when integrated with your home’s wireless network. 

Focus on Family, Not on Technology

Bottom line, when you’re at home you want to stay focused on what matters. That means time with family and friends, not dealing with frequent network issues like dead zones or lagging. These issues may be associated with streaming but they have greater impact. It could mean missing vital surveillance footage or lights not turning on on command. 

To help, we can check your network for existing issues, recommend any necessary equipment and upgrades, and bring you up to speed with the latest WiFi6 technology. We will also make sure to design a scalable network to facilitate any future updates. Receive greater peace of mind with one of our performance plans which offer 24/7 support. Our team identifies and resolves network problems quickly, often before you even notice there’s an issue. 

If you are looking forward to a hassle-free lifestyle, there is no better, or more experienced helper than our team at SoundWorks. Contact us today so we can get your smart home wireless network ready in time! 

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