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From Parties to Relaxing, Lighting Sets the Mood 

Lighting is such an essential element in setting a scene. In Hollywood, the right light for a scene is everything. Utter darkness might be what’s needed for a scary scene, and the perfect sunset might make the ideal backdrop for a romantic couple. 

When it comes to your outdoor space, lighting also sets the scene. With the right lighting, you can gain an entirely new entertainment space on your outdoor patios and gardens of your Bedford, NY, home. And with today’s LED lighting and sophisticated lighting control systems, you might be amazed at the different scenarios you can create. 

Ready to see how outdoor patio lighting can redefine your space? 

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The Outdoor Bar 

What could be more fun than having your friends over for cocktails in your own outdoor bar? In the evening, set the ambiance with soft lighting that starts at sunset and tapers up as the night descends. Downlights can illuminate the bar area so the mixologist can see what they’re doing. An outdoor TV can also add to the entertainment for a game watch party. With automated lighting control, you can set the scene — with lights that are perfect for socializing, watching the game, and slowly wash soft light over different parts of your gardens. 

Color Your Outdoor World  

If you’ve seen Niagara Falls spectacularly lit up at night, you know how lighting can enhance your fountains, pools, and water features. Today’s LED lighting can also add a rainbow of color to water. With lighting control expertly managed by systems like Savant and Lutron, you can coordinate your colors with all the rest of the lighting outdoors. Change your pool colors at night on a timer or schedule, or have fun matching the water to changing colors in a sunset sky. Create your own palette of color not just for water features, but in your landscape and garden lighting as well. If you have an outdoor party, you can have a color theme matched by the lighting.   

Light the Path 

If you have ample outdoor space, you may want to put the emphasis on specific spaces, but not wash the entire area in light. Path and step lighting can help guide guests to your patio, bar, pool, or spa. With lighting control, those lights can be finely controlled — a party mode, a personal mode for navigating to the spa, and a mode to light the outdoor area for security while you are away from home. 

Blend the Indoor and Outdoor Experience 

The beauty of lighting control systems is that they can make all your lighting work together to create the right ambiance. If the entertainment flows freely from indoors to out on a balmy summer evening, the lighting can set that mood. The scene can be configured with soft lighting everywhere you want guests to wander, and keep some areas less approachable by darkening them. Keep an appropriate level of light in powder rooms, so guests don’t have to turn it on or off. If you have artwork that you want to show off, highlight it with spotlighting — it can be a conversation starter. 

Are you ready to design the perfect patio lighting scenes for your Bedford, NY, home? Give us a call, click the chat box below, or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation with our team. We’d love to hear from you! 

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