Explore 5 Amazing Benefits You Can Gain With Whole House Audio

Learn how connected audio will rock your world and improve your downtime at home

The right music can help you knock out an intense home workout, show off your dance skills in a family dance-off and instantly lift your mood. And now, as families continue to spend more time at home, the right music can help keep you and your family connected and entertained.

With a whole house audio system in your Chappaqua, NY, enjoy all your favorite audiobooks and music hassle-free. Keep reading to learn 5 amazing benefits you can gain from connected audio.

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1. Even Sound Quality in Every Room

With help from a professional integrator, whole-home audio is customized to fit your space. Your integrator can evaluate each room for size, shape, wall and floor material, furniture and more to expertly place speakers for the best acoustics. As a result, you’ll experience even, high-quality sound in all rooms of your house.

2. A Streamlined Aesthetic

You don’t need to sacrifice interior design for a high-quality sound system. First, a whole house audio setup will eliminate clutter from wires, cords and multiple sound devices in every room. Your system components can be hidden away in a spare closet or storage room and the only equipment you’ll need in every room is the speakers.

Next, the speakers. Today, you have several options available to achieve the aesthetic you want — especially if you have an experienced integrator designing your system. Professionally installed in-wall and in-ceiling speakers with paintable grates are virtually invisible when you walk into a room. Your integrator can also install bookshelf speakers that are custom-made to match the veneer of your shelves. We guarantee you can find a solution to integrate seamlessly with every room in your house.    

3. Centralized Control

Find and access all your music in one place. Using a control platform like Savant, integrate your audio sources — including streaming services like Spotify and Pandora, playlists from iTunes and Amazon Music, radio stations and even Audible audiobooks — into one system and control everything from a smartphone, touchscreen or remote.

No matter where you are in the house, you can access your system with the touch of a button to adjust the volume, switch playlists or send your music to a different room.   

4. A System That Extends Outdoors

With summer right around the corner, expand your outdoor entertainment. Your backyard or patio is a “room,” too, and you can easily integrate outdoor equipment into your multi-room audio system. Use the same control system on your smartphone or touchscreen to send your music outdoors when you want to take a mid-afternoon dip in the pool.

If you want to extend your audio system outdoors, we recommend consulting with a professional integrator like Soundworks Inc. Outdoor systems require speakers designed to withstand environmental elements and provide powerful sound that covers large open spaces and compensates for natural noise. Your integrator can help you choose the best speaker set for your area, as well as help you expand your network coverage so you can listen to streaming services outside.

5. A Personalized Listening Experience

Even in a house full of people, you have the power to control your personal listening experience. With multi-room audio distribution, you and your family members can enjoy your own music and audiobooks in different zones of the house. Create specialized playlists and volume preferences for certain rooms so you can jam out on your own terms.

If you’re ready to take your home audio to the next level, then contact Soundworks Inc. Our skilled integrators will work with you through every part of the design and installation experience, so you end up with the system that will make your life more comfortable, convenient and enjoyable. Call us today at 914-765-0461, fill out our contact form or chat live with us using the chatbox on your screen.

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