3 Amazing Brands for High-Fidelity Whole-Home Audio

Enjoy the Ultimate Listening Experience at Home!

Music is the language of the soul, and it’s a powerful tool to express yourself. By just hearing a few notes, music can boost your mood, take you back in time with memories, and make any activity and space more enjoyable. For this reason, one of the smart home technologies our clients love the most is whole-home audio

Are you interested in taking your favorite audio content to every corner of your Westchester County, NY, home? This blog explores three different products from luxury, leading brands in the audio industry, so you are ready to choose the right equipment for your home —take a look! 

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Nautilus Speaker from Bowers & Wilkins 

We can promise you’ve never encountered a speaker as unique as Nautilus. The Nautilus is a hand-built speaker equipped with Bowers & Wilkins’ Tube technology, which reduces resonance and provides detailed high-definition sound. This exceptional loudspeaker is designed with complex shapes that provide an original aesthetic to your device as well as a redefined audio experience, making it the perfect choice if you want to add a modern, stylish touch to your spaces without missing out on your favorite content. 

SA30 Integrated Amplifier from Arcam

This intelligent integrated amplifier is designed to provide the highest audio resolution thanks to its state-of-the-art features, such as class G amplification and 120W of power per channel for strong, impeccable sound. This device is the ideal choice if you want to enjoy music, audiobooks, and podcasts, as it is equipped with four digital inputs, gapless playback, and Google Cast, AirPlay 2, and uPnP streamer technology to ensure you always have access to the ultimate listening experience with your favorite content. 

C263LP In-Ceiling Speaker from Revel 

Many homeowners, even those who consider themselves to be audiophiles, often think twice when incorporating whole-home audio, as they are worried about bulky devices intruding into every area of their home and messing with their interior design. The team at SoundWorks knows this struggle, and that’s why we highly recommend integrating invisible speakers from reputable brands such as Revel. 

The C263LP are low-profile in-ceiling loudspeakers that allow effortless installation, as it requires less than 2.8’’ mounting depth, making them ideal for applications with reduced depth. This speaker is equipped with zero-bezel magnetic grilles, which allows speakers to disappear into your walls with ease. 

Control Them All with Ease

Adding the most advanced audio equipment is not enough to enjoy a luxurious entertainment experience; you should also be able to manage your devices and play your favorite content with ease. By integrating your Arcam, Revel, and Bowers & Wilkins devices with your Control4 or Savant home, you can control what you listen to and where by simply pressing a button. With our solutions, enjoying a high-end listening experience is at your fingertips!

At SoundWorks, we want to help you elevate every area of your home with our unique home solutions. Are you ready to boost your home entertainment with high-end whole-home audio speakers? Contact us right here or drop a message for us in the chat box below to learn more. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

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