Improve Your Streaming and Security With a Home Network Installation 

Discover How You Can Have the Speed, Reliability, And Safety Required for Modern Living

smart home offers many benefits that make your home a happier, healthier, and more entertaining space to live in. The luxury and conveniences available at the touch of a button or your voice enhance your lifestyle, meeting your every need and desire. 

Whether you are streaming ultra-high-definition 4K movies, relaxing to music indoors and out, or creating the optimal mix of lighting and climate, it all relies on your home network installation. A poorly designed and maintained system cannot only cause you frustration, but it can also present a danger to the safety and privacy of your family.

Are you looking for a better way to keep connected in your Scarsdale, NY home? Keep reading below to find out more. 

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Connect Seamlessly 

The data network in your home is vital, equal in importance to infrastructure systems such as plumbing and electrical. Seamless connectivity to the internet and between is crucial to entertainment, comfort, and productivity. The growing demands from instant access to music, movies, sports, and gaming can quickly consume the finite bandwidth available. 

In order to avoid the dreaded buffering messages while watching the Mandalorian on Disney+ or watching the big game on ESPN+, you need enterprise-class design and equipment. The professional-grade routers automatically manage traffic by sending streams only where needed, minimizing the impact on other house sections. You can feel confident that your work video call will go through uninterrupted, even when your teenager plays an online game in full 4K. 

Best of Both Worlds 

While hard-wire connections are proven to deliver higher speeds with more consistency, the fact is that we live in a wireless world. By utilizing a well-designed topology that takes advantage of both delivery systems, you can enjoy the best of both worlds. 

WIFi’s inherent freedom to watch without wires, indoors or out, does come with some pitfalls. Wireless communications are prone to interference and hijacking as they broadcast over the open air. Implementing an advanced WiFi 6 system gives you the power to roam without worry. 

Officially released in early 2019, WiFi 6 prevents congestion, stuttering, and delays with specialized device tagging that only pays attention to units identified as belonging to your home. In addition, the protocol now defaults to WPA3 security that prevents data eavesdropping or traffic capturing.

Be Better Connected Today

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