How to Enjoy Movies, Music, and More in a Dedicated Home Theater

A home theater is the best solution to distracting audiences and expensive tickets at the movies.

Convenient. Surprisingly affordable. State-of-the-art, user-friendly technology. This is how many satisfied customers in Rye, New York describe their home theater installations from Soundworks, Inc. With all the time we’ve been spending at home lately, and with temperatures dropping for the season, there has never been a better time to install one in your home. 

Read on to learn more about why old-fashioned theaters with sticky floors and noisy crowds pale in comparison to having a theater right in your living room, basement, or wherever you want.

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The Best Seat in The House, Every Time

No more rushing through dinner or traffic to get to the theater in time before tickets sell out. No more hoping that your favorite spot in the theater isn’t already taken, and there aren’t enough seats next to each other to seat your entire party. The benefit of a home theater is that your favorite spot will always be there — no need to reserve tickets ahead of time. Better yet, no more dealing with sticky chairs that don’t recline: relax and enjoy a film right from your favorite cushy chair, couch, or recliner. You can show up in your pajamas and rest assured you’ll get stellar audio and video quality anywhere in your theater. 

Enjoy All the Best Snacks

Say goodbye to $12 bars of chocolate and popcorn you have to leave the theater to refill. Your own personal concession stand is right in your own kitchen, where you can enjoy unlimited bowls of popcorn, candy, or even dinner during the movie. And with intuitive control solutions, with the press of a button you can pause the movie and light the way to the kitchen to refill. 

No More Audience Distraction

Many of us have experienced the inconvenience of babies crying, bright cell phone screens, and incessant whispering from people around us in the theater. But your home is just for you, your family, and friends. For new constructions, your home theater professional can even work with your builder to add sound insulation in your dedicated theater to keep household or outdoor noise from seeping in and ruining your viewing experience. 

Watch According to Your Schedule

No more being restricted to pre-determined movie times that may not work with your schedule. No more showing up an hour in advance to claim tickets. You can start your movie whenever it’s most convenient, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Bonus: your home theater is always open on holidays! With just a press of a button on a touchpad or handheld remote, the lights dim, projector powers up and the display showcases your streaming service of choice. 

Install Your Home Theater Today

A home theater is great for more than just feature films. Watch the Superbowl, play video games, or listen to music. Your house is the newest party hotspot. Ready to upgrade your entertainment experience? Call Soundworks, Inc. or fill out our contact form today to set up a consultation. 

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