Discover the Power of Smart Landscape Lighting

Easy to Integrate and Control—the New Lighting Landscape 

Have you ever been to a friend’s or family member’s home who had developed extensive customized outdoor landscape lighting? If done right, you may have felt like you went from a home in the suburbs to one a world-class resort.  

We know how lighting transforms homes and outdoor areas. As a landscape lighting company in Scarsdale, NY, our clients tell us they didn’t know how much outdoor lighting would change their lives until they experienced it first-hand. 

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Coming Home to an Illuminated Property 

There’s something almost magical about coming home from a long day at work to a yard and home lit in subtle beauty. This timing miracle is achieved through geofencing. By defining virtual boundaries in your smart home system, specific lights can be triggered to turn on and off when you’re within a specified area.  

You come home to a warmly lit entryway, some highlighted trees and plants glowing as if lit from within, and a lighted pathway to your front door. As we know, day-to-day schedules have a way of changing mid-stream. Using geofencing in your landscape lighting design will leave just the right amount of lights on until you get home, saving on electricity while still maintaining security.  

Landscape Lighting as a Security Measure 

You’ve already set your patio light to come on when darkness descends as a deterrent to intruders and as a way to make it look like someone’s home. But, unfortunately, when the patio light comes on at the same time every night, its deterrent properties become less effective.  

There are two solutions to this effect: motion sensors and Smart Away. Imagine someone walking up to your home with ill-intent and the landscape lighting, foyer, and patio stream with welcoming light, also illuminating the camera in the corner. This effect is achieved through the activation of motion sensors that have been programmed just for this occasion. 

Motion sensors can also keep your guests secure when enjoying an evening in your outdoor entertainment area. Well-placed step and path lights illuminate their way in the dark, lighting up each step they take as they make their way from the home to the yard.  

Lutron’s Smart Away is another feature customized for home security. Our certified technicians at Soundworks Inc will set it to randomly turn lights on and off when you’re away, making it look as though someone is home. 

Beauty and Elegance 

While well-designed landscape lighting can create an enchanting backyard, it also adds to the ambiance in your home. Most of the time, the beautiful lighting effects achieved outside are enjoyed from indoors.  

Looking out your windows at a beautiful landscape washed by lights flickering through trees, plants, and pathways while illuminating sculptures and fountains is like looking at a painting. When done right, it can truly take your breath away. 

For different effects, we recommend tunable white and color LED lights that allow you to change the color and hues, creating a party atmosphere or a soft moonlit glow.  


At Soundworks Inc, we take the time to understand our customer’s needs and lifestyles to create the technology solutions that truly change their lives for the better. When integrated with home automation systems, just one touch of a button will transform your landscape from dark to stunning. For a complimentary consultation, call Soundworks Inc today.  

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