Take Smart Tech Outside for the Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment

Experience Pool Parties and Movie Nights Like Never Before 

Now that winter is releasing its cold grip on Rye, NY, we’re all anxious to start spending more time outdoors and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. This is the best time for homeowners to think about their outdoor entertainment areas and how they can upgrade their space to make summer afternoons and evenings more enjoyable.  

In this blog post, we’ll share some of the technology you can bring to your backyard and how to use it to level up your outdoor entertainment. Let’s get started. 

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Movie Night Under the Stars  

Instead of gathering in your media room or home theater, take your family movie night to your backyard and enjoy your favorite film under the stars! Though, be sure not to bring your living room TV with you! Outdoor entertainment areas call for televisions made specifically to withstand the natural elements and cut through ambient lighting of the outside world surrounding your backyard.  

Did you know that bringing an indoor television outside voids its warranty? Indoor TVs aren’t designed to be exposed to the summer’s humidity and rain or winter’s freezing temperatures. Plus, you can enjoy splashing in the pool on a hot summer afternoon with your children without worrying about glare on your screen or any possible damage to your equipment.   


Play the Perfect Pool Party Playlist 

One of the best ways to enjoy an unusually warm spring weekend or hot summer afternoon is in the pool. Smart technology makes it even easier to enjoy an afternoon in the pool. Your whole-home audio system can extend to your outdoor entertainment area so that you can enjoy your favorite playlists while soaking up the sun.  

Outdoor speakers were made to withstand the harsh elements of nature and can even be hidden in your foliage or garden, so they don’t clutter your outdoor entertainment area. When you partner with a professional for your installation, they’ll make sure that your outdoor speakers are strategically placed throughout your backyard so that you have maximum audio coverage. 


Control Your Outdoor Entertainment with Ease 

The best part of taking your smart technology outdoors is that you still have a convenient way of controlling your entertainment. The right outdoor TV and speaker system will integrate with the rest of your home automation setup so that you don’t have to worry about navigating a new application or using a new remote.  

When you want to change songs or try a different playlist, simply pull out your smartphone and control your music and volume from the very same app that controls the rest of your smart home technology.  


Are you ready to prepare your outdoor entertainment area for spring weekends and long summer afternoons? Soundworks is prepared to help. Get started by giving us a call, filling out our online contact form, or chatting with an expert on staff in the pop-up window below. We look forward to scheduling you for a no-obligation consultation!  

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