Why We Love Savant for Whole Home Automation Control

Savant is user-friendly, mobile-friendly and offers tons of customization options for your convenience

Your control system is the heart of whole home automation. You can’t fully enjoy the comfort, convenience and luxury of automated lighting, entertainment and climate if you can’t easily access and use your smart devices. Without the right control system, home automation doesn’t bring value to your Bronxville, NY, lifestyle.

At Soundworks Inc., we love Savant systems for total home control. Savant has been a leading brand in the field since 2005, and its systems are user-friendly, intuitive and highly customizable. Keep reading to learn 2 features that set Savant a step above.  

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Mobile-Friendly Accessibility

Savant was the first home automation company to recognize the importance of mobile technology and release a smartphone app for easy, streamlined control of automated systems. Using your Savant mobile app, you can easily access and manage all the smart technology systems in your home, including lighting control, audio/video, motorized shades, climate and security.

The Savant mobile app is elegant, user-friendly and provides you with the convenience and comfort of finding and using all your smart devices in one platform. Additionally, each member of your family can customize their home automation experience by creating a profile within the app. Individual profiles allow family members to organize rooms and smart devices by personal use and set personalized scenes and schedules.

Customization With Automated Scenes

One of the most exciting features of Savant home automation is the ability to create custom automated scenes. Scenes control several actions under one command. You can combine actions from multiple sub-systems into one sequence that’s activated by tapping a button on your mobile app.

For example, create a “Get Up and Go” scene to energize your morning routine. At the tap of a button, the living room shades rise to let in natural sunlight and your morning meditation playlist filters softly into the room. While you take 20 minutes to mediate quietly before beginning another busy day, the thermostat gently warms your home and the smart coffeemaker brews your first cup of coffee. It’ll be hot and ready when you emerge from the living room feeling refreshed and motivated.

You can also schedule scenes to run on certain days or at specific times every day. Save your favorite scenes under your personal profile in the Savant mobile app so you can access them quickly when you need them. Savant makes it easy for you to use automated technology to make your home life more comfortable, enjoyable and relaxing. 

Soundworks Inc. is a certified reseller and installer of Savant systems. We design and install customized whole home automation solutions for residents in Bronxville, NY, and the surrounding areas. We’ll work with you from start to finish to build a solution that meets your personal preferences and lifestyle needs. Ready to get started with a free consultation? Call us at 914-765-0461 or fill out our online contact form today.

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