3 Fun Ideas for Customizing and Upgrading Your Private Cinema

Make the theater experience your own with personalized design additions 

So you finally have the private cinema of your dreams — a space entirely dedicated to getting swept up in the musical performances from Hamilton, watching every episode of Tiger King in one sitting, and cheering for the teams in your March Madness bracket.  

Now you’re searching for ideas to bring your theater experience to the next level. You’ve come to the right place — the Soundworks team has dozens of fun ideas to upgrade and customize your home cinema in Armonk, NY. Keep reading to learn four of our favorites! 


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1. Upgrade Your Theater-Style Seating 

If you’re going to spend hours watching movies or TV shows in your home theater, comfortable seats are a must-have. We recommend home theater seating with lumbar and cervical spine support to prevent back and neck pain after an hours-long Netflix binge. You can personalize your home theater seating by choosing the material and color that matches your theater aesthetic. Additionally, you can include fun add-ons like cupholders and tray tables, heat and massage capabilities, headrests and footrests, power ports, and more.   


2. Brighten Your Lighting Design 

Lighting instantly sets the scene or changes the mood in your theater room. And you have plenty of options for creative accent lighting that brings flair to any entertainment event. Dimmable wall scones, column lights or cove lighting casts a soft, diffuse glow throughout the room, recreating the ambiance of a traditional movie theater. LED strip lighting can be installed behind a projector or TV screen, underneath seats, along the aisle, along an overhang, and behind framed posters and artwork to add glamour and style to your space. Many LED strip lights have color-changing capabilities that add a fun and playful vibe to movie-watching parties and game-day events. Finally, fiber optic star ceilings look gorgeous and can even create the appearance of a shooting star spiraling across the sky.   


3. Control Your Theater With Voice Control 

When your theater system is integrated with an automation platform like Savant, you can easily control every component with a smartphone app, handheld remote, or touchscreen tablet. But now, with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple’s Siri, you have the power to control your theater with simple voice commands. Just ask Alexa or Siri to start the movie, dim the lights, or turn up the volume — it’s the most convenient and hassle-free way to control your technology. 


If you have an idea you’d love to turn into a reality in your private cinema, let the team at Soundworks know. We have years of experience designing, installing and customizing dedicated home theaters for our clients in Armonk, NY, and surrounding areas. Reach out to us by phone, an online form, or the live chatbox on the screen. We look forward to helping you! 

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