3 Ways A Home Theater Can Be Convenient And Affordable

Posted by Louis Gordon

Ever thought about installing a home theater in your house? Don’t be coy. You know you have—you’re reading this post, aren’t you? So you know you want to, but what’s holding you back? I know. You’re sold on the whole convenience thing and the cool factor of having a home theater. But it can feel like an extravagance—something beyond your reach, right?

Well, maybe it isn’t. Here’s something to consider: Three simple ways a home theater might actually be convenient and affordable.

1. Make The Most Of Unused Space

Did you know the cost of installing a home theater could pay for itself over time? Think about it: Are you planning to remain in your home the rest of your life? Probably not, right? Even if you are, most adults move two to three times during lives anyway due to unforeseen factors, such as job relocations, a divorce, or the need to care for an elderly relative. Utilizing an unused part of your home for a home theater can add value. A well-designed home theater is a premium amenity that can set your home apart from others on the market. You’ll enjoy the unparalleled convenience of a home theater for all the years you live in your house. You’ll also have improved marketability if and when it becomes necessary to sell your home.

home theaterOne of our Westchester homeowners transformed this empty, unused room into a vibrant home theater space. He’s a movie buff and wanted to watch movies in their original widescreen format. Tall order. But we were there for him, providing the exact projector he needed—one that could display anamorphic or 2:40:1, if you want to get technical. Voila! No more trekking to the movie theater for movie night. Now he and his family enjoy a theater-like experience for movie nights at home!

2. Transform A Room You Already Use

“But wait a minute, Lou,” I hear you saying. “That’s convenient for them, but I have a family. And believe me, we’re using every available space in our home right now.”

No problem! We can work with you to transform rooms you already use into the home theater you’ve always wanted. Heck, we’ll design a home theater for any room in your house. We’ll turn your living room into a multi-purpose room with the ultimate theater-like experience! Who knew, right?

home theaterThis Westchester homeowner’s theater is located directly off the family room, complete with full acoustic panels, coffered ceilings, and discreetly-placed speakers and electronics—all controlled with a touch of the finger. What’s not to like! Choose a predesigned theater or use your imagination with a custom design that fits your exact needs.

Home-Movie-Theater-Design-with-Leather-Chairs-Westchester-New-YorkWe’re happy to collaborate with our customers to find the best solution. For example, we built and designed this Greenwich home theater using input and feedback from the homeowner and her architect. Even the screen was custom-made, changing size to fit any aspect ratio.

Hey, we’re nothing if not flexible!

3. Put A Premium On Family Time

The third way to make your home theater convenient and affordable is put a premium on family time. That’s right, family time. Face it: Opportunities to get everyone together for quality family time are increasingly slim these days! Think of the endless distractions from smart phones, games, apps, and social media. Movie night could be a new tradition at your home, where each of you takes turns sharing your favorite movies. Heck, you’re home theater could be an affordable way to pass on important family values—you could choose some favorite movies and explain why you love them and how they’ve shaped your life. You could make the experience interactive, pausing the movie in the middle to discuss how things might turn out. Family time can be fun and can help reduce stress. Certainly, the cost of neglecting family is expensive, right? But if family relationships matter, then home theaters are affordable in the sense of helping to bring families together.

Remember the movie buff Westchester homeowner? We designed a fiber optic starfield ceiling with shooting stars for his home theater, along with LED lights that change with a touch to white, blue, pink, or purple. The massive 2:40:1 anamorphic screen displays movies in their native widescreen format better than your local movie theater!

Glusky Theatre V2 - View 2But sound really brought our movie buff’s home theater to life. Check it out: We used in-wall Totem speakers, a 250-watt x 5 amplifier and a Sony Dolby Digital receiver. You’ll have to experience it to believe it: When a plane flies overhead in a movie it feels like you’re standing in the middle of a runway. When it pours in the middle of a jungle rainforest you practically feel the raindrops on your head! Our final design transformed an empty room into a customized eight-seat home theater based on our client’s preference and love for movies. We even built a concession area!

So keep us in mind. We’re Soundworks and I’m Lou. Give me a call today at (914) 765-0461 to set up a free consultation in your home. Let’s put our heads together and find way to get you seated in your own affordable and convenient home-theater!

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