2 Things You’ll Need for the Perfect Home Theater Design

Recent Technology Provides for Realistic Theater Experience at Home

To install a truly immersive home theater venue you’re going to need a professional installer who can advise you on the ideal design and AV equipment for your space.

The installation experts at Soundworks in Bedford, NY, will be able to help you decide the precise kind of components and equipment that will transform your home theater into a special cinematic experience based on your space limitations and viewing preferences.

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1. Home Automation Makes for a Seamless Home Theater Design

When you go to a movie theater, the venue is designed so that there are no distractions, and you become completely engrossed in your movie. We want you to have that same experience at home.

Just like at the multiplex, the sights, sound, and image will all engage you at once. The only difference is that you command when this will happen, either by pressing a button on your smartphone or on-wall keypad or giving a shout out to your smart speaker saying, “It’s showtime!”

Our theater designers will set up your system so that your audio, video, and lighting components are all integrated under one smart home system, and when the screen appears it will already be showcasing your favorite streaming platforms.

Our installers will also check out your home network to make sure it can run all of your devices without any video buffering or technical glitches.

2. Choosing the Right Screen and Projector

There are a number of high-end HD, UHD, and 4K flatscreens you could choose from, but to really get that glow of a movie screen feel we suggest going with a 4K projector and ambient light rejecting screen.

To figure out exactly how and where these elements should be installed into your space, one of our home engineers will come out to your home to measure the dimensions of your walls and ceiling to determine the image size that is most appropriate for your home theater.

In addition, once you’ve discussed with us the kind of seating you want, we can also determine the best placement, so the viewing dimensions replicate a theater experience as much as possible.

You can choose a motorized electric screen that descends and retracts at the press of a button or you can choose a fixed frame screen that acts as a permanent wall-mounted solution. Each of these come in different fabric types that will determine the viewing angle. This basically means how well will the image retains its quality the further one is looking at the screen from a side angle.

There are even screens with tiny perforations that have no effect on the image quality, but like real movie screens, allow speakers to be placed behind them so the soundtrack is coming right at you.

To discover what it’s like to have the ultimate at-home cinematic experience, give our team a call or contact us here. We’d love to hear from you!

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