Benefits of an Outdoor Sound System for Your Armonk Home

Don’t miss out on outdoor audio this summer

The skies are sunny, and the weather is warm — we hope you’re enjoying all the pleasant days summer has to offer. Some of the best moments of summer involve just lounging around with family and friends in the comfort of your backyard, with drinks, food, and entertainment.

Your Armonk home’s outdoor space may have a pool and comfortable furniture, but does it have an outdoor speaker system? If not, here are the advantages of having an outdoor sound system for your New York home.

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Whole-house Audio

You may have speakers all around your home, but are they connected? Do you need to manually turn on each one and connect it to your phone or laptop when you want to play music? Whole-house audio eliminates that problem and lets users access music from a central source. You’ll be able to play different music in each room or play the same songs simultaneously across all rooms — and control it all with your smartphone or smart remote. With a whole-house audio system, you can also integrate outdoor speakers. If you’re having a family dance party and want the same playlist on in the background all around your home, you can enjoy it in your backyard too.

Incorporate Some Outdoor TVs

No high-quality viewing experience is possible without strong speakers, so you should invest in both outdoor TVs and speakers for your outdoor space. There are TVs and speakers built explicitly for outdoor use, which can withstand any weather — including the humid New York heat and cold New York snow. You’ll be able to explore so many possibilities for enjoying outdoor TVs; you can turn one on when entertaining in your outdoor kitchen or have another one by your hot tub when you want to unwind and watch your favorite show. Pairing high-quality outdoor speakers with your outdoor TVs will help complete your home’s entertainment system.

Array of Styles

High-performance speakers can pack a punch without looking bulky or taking up too much space. There are various outdoor speakers that have top features and meet different style preferences, such as rock speakers, planter speakers, or in-ground speakers. If you want outdoor speakers that don’t get in the way of your landscaping, no need to worry. There are plenty of discreet speaker options out there.

When designing and building your outdoor sound system, it’s always best to work with pros. At Soundworks, we’re passionate about home audio, and we’d love to assist you! Our Electronics technicians are certified by the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association (CEDIA), which offers the best training and certification. Please fill out our contact form or give us a call!

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