How to Choose the Perfect Outdoor Television in Time for Summer

With the right outdoor video display, you can have the same high-quality viewing experience for movies, TV and more as you do in the house

Not all TVs are equal, especially when choosing the right display for your outdoor patio or pool deck. If you buy a new TV that isn’t designed to spend all year outside, you’ll be looking for a replacement TV before summer’s end.

At Soundworks Inc, we’re here to help. Keep reading to learn our guidelines for choosing the ideal outdoor television for summer entertainment in Scarsdale, NY.

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Consider the Construction

A standard indoor TV is NOT a good choice for outdoor use, because indoor TVs aren’t designed for exposure to environmental conditions. Instead, shop around for an outdoor television enclosed in a weatherproof casing. Durable casings protect the TV and its components from rain, snow, dirt, salt air, chemicals and other environmental elements. These weatherproof casings can also withstand humidity and extreme temperature fluctuations.

Visualize the Placement

Your new TV’s intended placement has a significant impact on the type of display you should buy. While all outdoor TVs are made for full-time outside use, not all can be used in direct and partial sunlight or full exposure to heavy rains.

No matter where you decide to place your TV, our partner Séura has options to fit your space. The Shade Series™ Outdoor TV is ideal for shaded areas on your patio, pool deck or cabana, while the Ultra Bright™ Outdoor TV is ideal for areas exposed to full sunlight. The Ultra Bright TV screen features a high brightness level and a special coating that reduces glare for optimum performance in full daylight. All Séura outdoor TVs have 4K UHD and HDR technology for a clear, vivid picture day and night.

Close Your Eyes and Listen

Without a good sound system, your outside television won’t be much use for entertainment. Many outdoor TVs — like Séura’s outdoor collections — come equipped with a soundbar, which may be sufficient if you have a small, isolated outdoor space for TV viewing.

If you have a large patio or deck, or if you want to host outdoor viewing parties, you might consider adding an outdoor speaker system in your space. A surround-sound system will be a worthwhile upgrade if you want to immerse yourself in the cinema experience for summer movie nights. In-wall and in-ceiling speaker solutions can help you maintain your patio aesthetic,  while spike-mounted sattelite speakers and buried subwoofers can create powerful but concealed sound in your gardens and landscape.

Imagine All the Possibilities

Think about the level of convenience and control you want for your outdoor entertainment. The Soundworks team can integrate your outdoor TV with whole-home video for seamless control and access to your favorite video streaming services, cable and Blu-ray movies. In a connected home, you can use a smartphone, tablet or remote to send video from an indoor TV to your outdoor one or watch different video services inside and outside.

Let Soundworks help you install the ideal outdoor entertainment system in your Scarsdale, NY, home. Summer is here, so don’t wait any longer — call us at 914-765-0461, fill out our online form or use the live chat feature to contact a representative now.

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