Bring Your Backyard to Life with a Backyard Movie Theater

Experience All The Immersive Thrills And Excitement Of The Cinema On Your Property

It is one of the great pleasures of homeownership to be able to entertain on your property. The outdoor spaces on your property are where you celebrate family milestones, gather the gang to watch the big game, and a place to relax after a long day. Breaking free from the confines of your home’s four walls is liberating; the food is tastier, and the drinks go down better.

This year is special as we have more opportunities to gather and reconnect. However, just because you are outdoors does not mean you have to leave the luxuries and technology behind. For example, an outdoor entertainment system allows you to watch under the stars with a backyard movie theater.  

Are you ready to upgrade your Chappaqua, NY home’s backyard appeal? Read below to learn how. 

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A Cinema With A View

Being outside is just better, from the glimmering blue of the pool to the lush green of the grass and the clear, sunny sky. But, while the view is spectacular, creating the same quality experience as your home theater inside requires a bit more than moving a television out of the house. 

In order to produce an immersive environment, a backyard entertainment system needs to overcome several challenges. Unlike indoors, light from a television struggles to generate the right amount of brightness for an outdoor audience.

Standard 4Kultra-high-definition monitors operate in relatively enclosed spaces and with conditions of low ambient light. If the sun is too bright indoors, you lower the motorized shades; this is not always possible on an open patio.

The outdoor televisions we install produce video images that are four to six times brighter than standard monitors. So, day or night, be assured of a clear, bright, HD picture regardless of direct sunlight or shade from any angle. Whether you want to install a TV above the bar or a 70” screen on the deck, there is a size suited for your needs.


Unobtrusive Surround Sound

Sound is the element that makes movies immersive, from the power of your favorite songs and the roar of a stadium crowd to the rumble of a Michael Bay movie. Blending into the architecture and landscaping, outdoor speakers fill the backyard with high-definition audio.

Audio outdoors is a tricky business. Without utilizing an enclosed space to emphasize the sound, many systems lack the power and punch you expect. Instead, your content deserves crisp, clean audio the envelopes you, blurring the boundary between you and the fantasy on screen. Our expert team creates the optimal sound field without excessive volume or interfering with your neighbors.


Illumination That Stimulates

When the evening comes, lighting creates an atmosphere and energy while also guiding our way in the dark. Outdoor lighting is a theatrical component to your yard; like music, the design and implementation generate an instinctive response. The lights, fixtures, and settings create ambiance, set the mood, and create a sense of wonder.

Create a storyline by highlighting architectural elements or define boundaries elegantly by silhouetting topiary. Introducing color affects our perspective, adding drama, or building a sense of anticipation. Use a mixture of yellows, reds, and greens to stimulate the brain areas associated with pleasure to liven up the party. When it is time to wind the evening down or relax after a long day, add some blues and violets to instill a sense of tranquility.


Make the Most of Your Backyard

Now is the best time to get your property upgraded for outdoor entertainment. Are you intrigued by the possibilities? Make your backyard the best room of the house by calling us at (914) 765-0461 or filling out our contact form to start the conversation.

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