This Is Why You Want to Turn Your Porch Into An Outdoor Audio/Video Paradise

Outdoor Audio/Video Isn’t Just for the Summer Anymore

What if summertime wasn’t the only time you could enjoy your outdoor porch?

What if you didn’t have to cover up the TV and run inside for the winter just because of a little snow?

Have you ever wanted to sit outside on your porch, sip some coffee, and watch a little morning snow fall slowly from the sky without having to freeze in the process?

So many of our clients in Scarsdale, NY are frustrated that their expensive outdoor audio/video space is only available for a small portion of the year.

That’s why we recommend transforming your outdoor audio/video setup into a year-round hangout spot with solutions like a heated porch, the right outdoor TV, and quality outdoor speakers.

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Picking the Right Equipment for Your Outdoor Space

Retrofitting your porch to stay heated during the winter months is only the beginning. You need hardy equipment that will withstand the elements no matter the season. If you don’t have the right speakers, the right lighting, and the right TV, a little heat during the winter and a little cold during the summer isn’t going to be enough to make your space the perfect entertainment spot.

Our expert installers will ensure that you get the right equipment at a price point that’s perfect for you and your family. You might not know it, but there are plenty of speakers that not only are going to be the perfect fit for your outdoor audio/video setup in terms of their quality, but they’re also going to fit in seamlessly with your landscaping.

Additionally, we can install an outdoor TV that can withstand the harsh sun and harsher moisture of Scarsdale, NY, while adding lighting fixtures that stay hidden, providing you the beautiful space you want while still providing stellar illumination as the days get darker.

Best of all, we make it all easy to use with our integrated smart home systems. From one platform, you can adjust the temperature in your heated patio, pull up a relaxing playlist and raise the lights to relax with a book and a drink at the end of the night.

Let’s Find Out What Outdoor Audio/Video Setup Is Right for You

Creating the perfect outdoor audio/video setup isn’t easy, but our experts are here to help you create the perfect system for you and your family. Contact us today, and we’ll take a look at your current outdoor audio/video setup and see how we can transform it to last all season long.

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